17 thoughts on “Chili Chocolate Cake | TAURUS ASTROLOGY SIGN-Inspired!! | RECIPE

  1. I strongly believe in zodiac signs. I won't even date certain signs and try to date signs mine is "compatible with"

    I'm a Taurus

  2. Hello my dear i hope you have a wonderful Sunday, nice new recipe thanks for sharing, the looks so delicious and tasty yummy.
    You like self made oil from the wood garlic ? when yes you have Fun with my new one recipe video.. thanks for watching; and all the best wishes from Tom ☀️
    manKocht essBar & lecker / CK51 😉

  3. I don't really believe in zodiac signs.. lol! It's pretty interesting adding chili into cake. I wonder how that alters the taste? XD

  4. oh my gosh…that cake was sooo moist and delicious! I'm a Gemini and can hardly wait to see what you make next month!!

  5. I feel somewhat strange whenever I hear about Chili Chocolate. I've heard many people say things such as"it's so Mexican"… Believe me, most Mexicans have no idea of what it tastes like, or that this thing exists. I wish I could try it, but you can't find it anywhere unless you bake a cake or go to a posh restaurant. Now I think I know how Chinese people feel when they hear others say "fortune cookies are so Chinese". XD

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