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– And otherwise I’ll be
cutting in back and forth between the video here
where you can see me and I can show you my smiling face, and then our class slideshow. So, if you do have your
slideshow handout available, it’d be great to print that
out, or at least the first 20 or so pages for use in
tonight’s class, and if not, you’re welcome to follow
along with your slideshow on your computer screen and
just listen to my voice, either way, or you can watch the slideshow right here in class. Oh, I see a ton more people popped in, so, hello and welcome to everyone. I’m really looking forward to this, so we’re gonna go ahead and get started, and the first part of our
Basic Crystal Healing class I’ll go through a few
slides and pop back over and make sure I haven’t
missed any questions. So, with that, we’ll go ahead and start our Basic Crystal Healing. The first thing that I
wanna cover in this class are the different uses of crystals, and there are so many
different uses for crystals. One of my favorites is crystal divination, this includes crystallomancy,
which is also called crystal ball scrying, so
when I talk about that many of you may picture
that iconic image of a gypsy looking into a crystal
ball, but this is something that’s still commonly
used for fortune telling, for looking into the future, for getting symbols and information about where we’re headed. Divination with crystals can
also include pendulum dowsing, and of course a pendulum can
be made from any material, but I feel that crystals
work particularly well because they’re such good
amplifiers of energy. And then there’s also lithomancy, this is also called stone casting. You may be familiar with
people doing casting with something like runes,
which can be made of stone, but stone casting or lithomancy typically uses a set of stones that the stone caster
is very familiar with, and they’re casted or thrown onto a cloth, or some sort of separated area, like a casting board or
something similar to that, and then each stone has its own meaning, and the relationships
of where the stones fall with one another in the casting area start to paint a picture or
tell a story with crystals. So, divination, even though
there’s lots of different ways to use crystals in divination, divination itself is just one
way that we can use crystals in our day-to-day lives. Another very common way to
use crystals is for clearing and balancing the chakras
centers and the aura. Because crystals work
on an energetic level, we find that often they’re
used for treating aura, I guess working with the energy
of the chakras or the aura, getting right to the energetic
roots or source of a problem and healing it that way rather than focusing just
on the physical symptoms. Crystals can also be used
to enhance your intuitive or psychic skills to
further develop these skills so you’ll find that there
are a lot of crystals that are good for things like
channeling, or meditation, or shamanic journeying, astral travel, all these fall into that
intuitive development realm, whether that’s just for
your own personal use, or if you wanted to pursue your
skills as a psychic reader. Crystals can really help you either way. Crystals are also wonderful
for promoting oneness and universal consciousness, so they raise our energy vibration, they promote that feeling
that we’re all connected, that we’re all part of
one source consciousness, one source point of energy. And crystals really pull together energy from all over the world
and all over the galaxy, and can help us feel
really tuned into that. And then of course, just in general terms, crystals are used to heal
the mind, body, and spirit. So, you know, a lot of people when they’re first
starting out with crystals just think of how crystals
can be used physically, but when you use them
emotionally and spiritually, that’s really where you
get the best benefit because you’re working on
things more preventatively, rather than just working
on the physical body after something has already
manifested as a problem. So, with that, I don’t see any
questions in the chatbox yet, so we’ll go ahead and
go to the next slide. This slide really deals
with how crystals heal. How on earth do they actually work? This is a question that
I get all the time. Crystal healing is really based on physics and the principles of energy
flow or energy movement. Crystals have this really
subtle energetic vibration and it’s based on their
molecular blueprint. So what this means is that each crystal has its own unique crystalline encoding, which is basically based on how the molecules in that
crystal are stacked and arranged. So all of those atoms and molecules are stacked in a very precise
way in each specific crystal, and this is according to
their molecular bond angles, so this creates a really orderly form, both physically and
energetically, and that results in this really perfect,
stable energetic vibration. If you think of a crystal
as having this perfect, stable energetic frequency or resonance, and then you think of our
own energetic frequency, which is not always so
perfect and stable, right, think about just how
something like your emotions can really influence the
energy in your auric field, in your chakra centers,
in your physical body. So think about how that
energy in our field is shifting and changing all the time. By bringing that perfect,
stable structure of the crystal into our own energy field, what happens is that our
body and our energy field starts to go through the
process of entrainment, and it starts to mimic that
perfect, stable resonance of the crystal’s energy frequency. If a crystal is really good
for promoting love, self-love, self-care, something like
rose quartz, for example, its molecules are stacked in a way and it has the ability to
reflect and refract light of a specific color and
vibrational frequency, that rose quartz, which
is all about self-love, when we bring that into our own field, our field starts to
vibrate at that same level causing us to want to promote
more self-love and self-care in our own lives. So that’s just one way
that crystals sort of work. But because each individual person has their own unique energy frequency, that resonance that is created
between your energy field and the crystal’s energy
field will vary slightly from person to person. For some people this is gonna be a really harmonious vibration,
so you bring that crystal into your energy field and you
get a ton of benefit from it because it’s just what you
need in your field right now, whereas for other people they
may not notice much change because maybe that’s
not what’s truly needed in their field right now. And crystal healing is so subjective, there’s a lot of people out
there who are really skeptical of crystal therapy, and
this is one of the things that they say all the time
is, “Well, it should be able “to be proven over and over “with hard and fast empirical
evidence if it really works.” And my opinion on this is that
because we’re each in this constant state of fluctuation
all the time with our energy, that bringing the crystal into our field that we don’t really need isn’t gonna work for us the
same way as bringing it in to someone’s field who
really needs that energy. Think about it like this, and this is just a similar example, if you had someone who was
really ill and needed antibiotics and you gave them those antibiotics, it would probably help them, right? Whereas if you had someone
who was perfectly healthy and you gave them antibiotics, they might not notice any change at all because it wasn’t really what
they needed at that time. So, someone who really
needs a rose quartz, if you introduce that rose
quartz into their field, it might work wonders for
them, and then if someone else tries to use that very same crystal, it might not work very well because it’s just not
what quite what they need for their highest good right now. So it’s a simple way to
think about crystal energy and how and why it works
with different people. I’m gonna take a break there and I’m gonna switch back over here, and just see if anyone has
any quick questions for me about those first few slides. I see a couple more people
have joined us, so, hello. I’m gonna type a little
hello in the chatbox. You do that by putting your
mouse in that little white bar in the lower right-hand
corner of your screen, typing your message,
and then hitting Enter. So if you do have a
question, please let me know, otherwise we’ll go ahead and move on to the history
of crystal healing. No? Looks like everyone is
doing pretty good so far and I don’t see any typing, so I’m gonna go ahead and move forward. Okay, here we go. This next section is all about the history of crystal healing. One thing that’s really
fantastic about crystals is that they connect all
cultures and civilizations. It’s thought that crystal
healing might date back as far as 25,000 B.C.,
and I remember reading in one of my sources that
there was a Siberian shaman discovered frozen in Siberia,
so this person’s body, this healer’s body was recovered and studied by archaeologists. When they found this frozen
corpse, they found that this man was carrying a
pouch of some medicinal herbs that were commonly used at the time, along with two clear quartz crystals, and it was thought by these archaeologists that the medicine man
or shaman really revered these crystals as healing
tools because they were kept in the same pouch as this
very sacred herbal medicine. So, really interesting that
crystals could date back as far as 25,000 B.C. in human
history, but we know for sure they at least go back to
the Ancient Egyptians, so you have to figure
around 5,000 to 6,000 B.C. And we know that because
crystals were written about in the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and there’s quite a large section where different crystals pop in and out with some of their historical uses, which is really interesting. And we find that crystals really
start to become commonplace in Ancient Greek society, so we see a lot of the first writings
done by the Ancient Greeks. So you have people like Pliny
the Elder, you have Socrates, Theophrastus, all writing about stones, which is really interesting. And then working out more
toward the Middle Ages, you have Hildegard von Bingen,
who wrote a huge treatise, all on the healing merit of
stones, which is really cool. But even in cultures and
civilizations that didn’t rely as heavily on writing,
we still see evidence that healing crystals
played an important role. So, Celtic, Mayan, Native
American, Aboriginal, Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan traditions all used healing crystals as well. You also see some writings
of healing crystals in the Old Testament. So, some really interesting stuff there as well as in the New Testament. And crystals are actually
mentioned in the Bible over 200 times. So, this is something I think
that’s important to know just because I know many
people when they’re opening up to the world of crystal healing, they get a little bit
nervous because many people, at least in Western civilization, follow fairly strict Christian
beliefs in many cases, and a lot of people aren’t sure how other forms of spirituality
fit in with those beliefs. I’ve had many people concerned that crystal healing is
satanic or demonic in some way. And when I explain to them that crystals were actually commonplace up until the Middle Ages, and
that they’re even talked about and discussed in the Bible, it gives a little bit of
sense of relief to people who otherwise are a little
bit afraid of crystal healing because they don’t quite have
the background information to understand its origins and its roots. And really what happened
is during the Middle Ages people started to rely a lot heavier on what would be considered, I guess, new breakthroughs in
medicine, so there’s a lot of development in herbal medicine,
in taking things internally, and using plant extracts, and
different things like that, and then people pulled
away from healing crystals thinking that those ideas
were outdated or a cult, and so then as we progressed
further and further closer to modern day, we find a lot more reliance
on modern medicine, and working toward this
symptom-based treatment, where we continue with
the minutia of diagnosis and treatment on a medical level, but we get further and further away from treating the whole person, and that’s what crystals
are so wonderful for because they aren’t
meant to be a substitute for conventional medicine,
but they do work perfectly hand in hand with conventional medicine because they treat the
energetic causes or sources of a lot of these physical problems that manifest solely over time if the energetic part is left untreated. So, by using crystals in conjunction with conventional modern medicine, you really get the best results.

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  1. I LOVED your healing summit!!! I didn't get to see it all, but from what I did, I learned SO much!!! I feel so much wiser! I have to say that I think it says a LOT about what kind of person you are, and your intentions, because you are connecting all healers (and they are connecting with you!), and you are clearly not just in it for 'the business.' (Obviously you need to make a living to do what you love, but believe me, I've got the dishonest vibe from other crystal businesses, and I ran in the opposite direction. Due to my sensitivities, I get a yucky feeling when that happens). Anyway – In the end you get back what you give out to the Universe, right? You've inspired me to be even more generous. The healing summit also shows you are very secure with yourself and what gifts you have to offer.
    Keep shining, fellow Rainbow/Crystal child!

  2. Hi L&L (Ashley and Team Crystal!)…. I just registered to begin the CCH course beginning April 8th (2019) followed by the Advanced Crystal Practitioner course. I am so thrilled and CANNOT WAIT!!! This will be perfect for my life and the way it has been heading. I have been studying pendulums and crystal use there along with reading many spiritual books on how the planets are alive and speak as well as the single consciousness we all belong to. I so look forward to learning the best way to approach our dimension and provide guidance to others around me that currently do not understand this way of thinking. Just listening to you speak, Ashley, I feel I know you already. I totally am on board and this feels like it is what my soul needs. Love you all and Gem Blessings, TZ

  3. hiii….im so excited about this and have learned so much from you in the free video trainings…i cannot wait to take the course

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