Capricorn January 2020 Life Purpose, Career, Money Reading by Sloane Rhodes

hi Capricorn it is Sloane Rhodes here with
your life purpose career and money reading for January 2020 I hope
everyone’s doing well Happy New Year everybody
so I don’t usually do these readings I have another been a long time but I
thought it’d be a fun way to kick off 2020 Capricorn so this is for you we’re
doing one of these for each sign this is for Capricorn Sun Moon and rising for
January to h20 life purpose career and money reading today I’m gonna be drawing
one card from the money in the law of attraction deck by Esther and Jerry
Hicks for the overarching theme for January three cards from the life
purpose deck by Doreen Virtue and one card looking at your money
from the money trail by eugene von etske let’s go ahead and get started Capricorn
you find what’s going on for January to May 20 and then I just so everyone know
that I all of my youtube videos are available in audio pod can auto format
on the podcast so that you can listen to them as well as Wellston here on youtube
so if you can’t watch the video but you want to listen to it while you’re
driving there’s links below for that or you can
just do a search for sloan rose podcast and i think that’s it in my appreciation
I allow myself to receive wonderful things beautiful and that last number
252 number 7 as I add them together and under the deck
it’s an underlying energy we have my attention to unwanted attracts more
unwanted and we have number 16 so I just added together a 7 so we have two sevens
so there may be some frustrations and delays around you
Capricorn coming into January and may be staying throughout January that’s ok you
know you don’t need to rush ahead Capricorn you are one of the hardest
working signs beautiful earth sign and you may feel
sometimes that when there’s a delay or things are going slow that you need to
work harder and that’s not necessarily the case here
in my appreciation I allow myself to receive wonderful things so when you
feel frustrated see if you can pivot shift your attention to appreciation for
what you have currently as opposed to what you are wanting to achieve later I
allow myself to receive wonderful things you’re an earth sign so you may tend to
think in very practical concrete terms but it’s not just about the the physical
things you allow yourself to receive the bounty of the universal oneness by tuned
into your senses to tune into all those around you and in that way you are
receiving the wonder of what it’s like to be alive right the air that you
breathe the sky that you see the things that you feel the sounds that you hear
you know those are all wonderful things we take a moment to when you feel like
you’re in a delay 3 feel that things aren’t moving as fast you say well am I
open to just appreciating for where I am right now what’s available to me now and
as you expand your appreciation you tend to attract in more things that you
appreciate is you no longer observing the seeming lack right and then we have
my attention to unwanted attracts more and want it pretty much revised the same
here ok so that’s pretty common to write a message for you you know the the seven
energy can be frustrating can’t feel like you want to work hard or remove
things along but usually you’re being asked to have patience and appreciate
what you have currently and allow things to come to you in the right time as as designed as opposed to the right time
that your ego has the site is the right time okay January 2020 trust trust your feelings
and dreams to guide your career path you know
a lot of times and things seem to be taking a long time you do it we have to
tune in to trust to have faith to be to be patient freedom you’re free to choose
you’re free to do what you choose and then the future position we have
time to the side we have study under the deck reading research and education help
you gain confidence and clarity about your career this is under the deck isn’t
underlying energy and you know when you’re studying there is this idea of
wait right delay you’re not ready to take the test yet you’re in the study
place so that speaks well to what speak or not it may be that you have been
studying for a test this kind of thing and now you’re waiting for the results
even are you waiting for the test state to arrive this kind of thing to be very
literal okay so we do have this beautiful trust card it goes nicely um
with the color scheme here so um I don’t want to repeat myself too much but you
know whenever there’s that feeling of delay feeling things aren’t moving fast
enough you have to have trust and faith that everything’s gonna work out of this
is meant to because it always does and also it’s teaching you important lessons
about um trusting your intuition you know you can work hard you know you can
get things done you know you can make things happen but here you’re being
asked to have faith and trust in the unseen your intuition your powerful
intuitive understanding of what is going to occur what you want to occur right so
you um that says trust your feelings and dreams to guide your career path it’s
okay my it might feel kind of woowoo for Capricorn to tune into dreams and things
like that maybe not maybe you’re already really attuned to that but you’re being
encouraged here to to tune in even more that’s in the recent past but it kind of
flows into the present and the in the present we have freedom you’re free to
do what you choose so regardless of what you are doing for work it may be even
that there is a period of openness again we have this two sevens this idea of
delay we have this idea of studying taking time out you’re being asked to
have faith to trust and then there’s you have this ultimate freedom here so it
may be that either you are in between jobs or in between careers or you’re
just contemplating that you can do whatever you choose what you choose it’s
no one else’s decision it’s your life to lead how you choose to and I know that
capricorns I’m also very family oriented but remember it’s it’s your life it’s
not just about what the family wants you to do or anyone else your spouse your
children I know there’s a lot of feelings of obligation often with family
but with capricorns and their family but it’s you’re free to choose what to do
and really here her arms are wide open she’s out in the ocean looking at the
ocean of the Dolphins you know what’s funny for you
Capricorn II works so hard you’re free now you’re free to choose what to do
that brings you joy something that brings you joy that makes you feel alive
that you want to swim and leap out of the ocean let the playful dolphins here
maybe even go to the beach and allow yourself to run on the beach or play in
the water kick the sand you know or get near water
um there’s a sense of freedom you know when you look out at a large body of
water it’s very young humbling and also exciting to know that there’s such a
vast mr. life you know rather than just kind of our narrow focus that we we have
sometimes so whatever’s going on for you Capricorn looks like there’s there’s
kind of an openness here as things take longer than you would like to arrive or
show up or decisions to be made but there’s grace in the in the openness and
there’s grace and they’re waiting just open allow yourself to open to it and
appreciate what’s available to you now as opposed to what you think mine thinks
it’s the way it’s going to get later or though it’s waiting on there really is
only now as you know Caprica it’s not about what’s to come all right
so we have time to decide here this has come up for a few people today a few
signs and it did come up in the same position for another sign but I don’t
remember what sign it was make a decision based on your hearts true
desires this is kind of as we go to the words the end of January now the text of
the card can be kind of stressful time to decide like you’re going to miss out
you’re not going to miss out Capricorn but what it is saying here is this
encouraging you she’s pointing right at this right at this and also right at
this you know make a decision based on your hearts true desires not anyone
elses what do you want Capricorn it’s your life to live it’s
your game to play you’ve been given the gift of this
waiting period of things taken longer than you would like you can’t do it
wrong in terms of your spiritual growth make a decision based on your heart’s
desires you are being encouraged going into February to at least have narrowed
down your options a little bit if not to have landed on a potential decision this
is about making lists pro/con lists this is about you a tuning to what your heart
wants attune to what makes you feel good don’t worry about the job necessarily
imagine a play with what’s available to you now in my appreciation of the things
that I love my appreciation of what I have now I allow myself to receive
wonderful things and I would say and also to receive divine guidance and
you’re open when you’re in appreciation of things you open when you’re open you
allow information from the divine to come in inspiration from within to be
revealed to you ok so what’s good a card on your money again this is under the
deck here reading research and education help you gain confidence and clarity
about your career may be something that you’ve been contemplating but it because
it is another deck I feel like it’s something you’ve been doing you’ve been
studying something in some way again maybe you’re studying for a test or
something like that and you’re waiting maybe you’ve just been kind of withdrawn
kind of introspective as well in the recent past remember you were in school there could be that there’s an elderly
patriarchal figure an older patriarchal figure um who’s influencing you or maybe has been mentoring you all
right let’s look at your money Capricorn I’m not a financial adviser as you know
I’m giving you an offering spiritual guidance around your money it’s from a
spiritual perspective the Hermit in Reverse this is in Reverse here it may be or as
your money that there is could be a Virgo individual involved but it may be
that there is someone from the past or a bill or an expense from the past that
comes back in in the month of January something that you didn’t you forgot
that was gonna be due or something that just takes you off off guard and it’s
due in January so it’s next best that needs to be addressed that you’ve been
kind of forgotten about or it’s suddenly rise like oh my god I forgot about that
or it could be an individual who comes back in usually the Hermit in Reverse if
it’s an individual coming back in Capricorn they usually want the best for
you they have a lot of gifts and skills and wisdom to impart so if it is someone
coming back in around your money listen to what they have to say give them a
give them an ear give them a moment to tell you what it is they want to tell
you if there’s something they want to tell you about your money because
usually the Hermit newer verse around money is someone who has quite a bit of
wisdom and deep understanding and they want to offer it to you so this is
different it’s a couple different ways it could come in for you there Capricorn
okay so I hope you find that helpful I wish you much love if you would like a
reading with me you can go to my website Stone Roses com
you can listen to this video on the audio podcast and in the meantime I wish
you much love and a very happy new year

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  1. Thank you! I’m so glad you decided to do these readings this month. I used to watch you a couple years ago and recently rediscovered your weekly readings which I’ve really been enjoying. I’m a Capricorn sun with Leo rising and the last few years have not been easy 😓 Anyways, best wishes to you and happy new year! 💕

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