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Now, Cancer and Libra together in a love relationship
can be a good pairing in certain ways — I mean, first of all, they both want to be in
relationships. Libra really needs the comfort of a partnership,
and Cancer needs the security, so if these two find each other, they might cling to each
other pretty early on. But they’re also very different. Cancer can be a moody sort — this is a deeply
emotional sign, a Water sign — and Libra isn’t so deeply emotional; being an Air sign,
this is more of an intellectual sign. But Libra likes harmony, so this sign will
go out of its way to keep Cancer happy and in a good mood, you know? But that kind of dynamic, that can lead to
some real codependence. Libra might end up always walking on eggshells,
or feeling like they always have to cater to Cancer’s mood swings, and that’s no fun
for anyone. Just take a look at Pamela Anderson — she’s
a sensitive Cancer, and Tommy Lee, he’s a romantic Libra. Well, they worked it out for a long time,
long enough to have a couple of kids together, right? And who knows, I think they broke up and got
back together a time or two as well. But ultimately, they couldn’t make it work. One other thing about this pairing is that
these two signs are square — they’re three signs apart in the Zodiac, which creates a
lot of friction and stress. It can be a good thing — like, they can
really push each other to grow — but, I don’t know, for these two signs in particular
— Cancer needs to feel safe, and Libra needs harmony, so these two might not want to deal
with all the trouble that comes with that constant conflict and friction. Plus, these are both Cardinal signs, so they
each like to be in charge in their own ways. And how are they going to work that one out? Another fun Cancer–Libra couple was Richie
Sambora — he’s a Cancer — and Heather Locklear, who’s a Libra. Wait — didn’t these couples swap at some
point?? Wasn’t Heather married to both of these guys
at some point or other? Oh, that’s just weird. I don’t know — I can’t keep up with it!

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  1. im a cancer and every sign that I compatible with the relartionship never works out never at all. I am with a libra and we dont have no problems.. We get along great and never have a fight or conflict and when i do get moody I just go fishing to keep my mind at ease. I feel you want it to work you will make it work with any sign.

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