Can I Fix this Corn without Surgery? [Callus Tuesday] (2020)

Can I fix this Corn without Surgery?
Callus Tuesday presented by Dr Nail Nipper Please subscribe below to our YouTube Channel. Corn removal surgery is a quick outpatient procedure that shaves off the dead layers of skin, all the way down to the root of your corn. So this is a corn that is on the inside
of that baby toe and it comes because the bone right underneath there is
hitting up against the other bone in the other toe now sometimes people will have
a corresponding corn right there you don’t have that you just have this one
and the fact that it’s been so painful makes me wonder if there’s maybe an open
sore underneath it so let’s trim everything down here and see if we’ll
see if we can get the thick skin off and make sure that the skin underneath is
good so you let me know if any of this is hurting find the best ankle let me know if I’m breaking your toe by
holding it out late you know if any of this is hurting you let me know so right here right
right here is where the little piece of bone is sitting right underneath is
you’ve got this little core and now if there’s going to be an open sore under
this that’s where it’ll be okay so I’m not seeing an open sore
underneath this which is good and sometimes when the little corn here gets
too thick it can be super painful maybe I spoke too soon so all the skin there is intact now what
we need to figure out is so how are we going to protect that little spot from
hitting up against the other bone so there’s a few different kinds of pads
that I can show you I don’t know that to me that just looks
like there should be an open sore there but I’m just not deep enough to see it
and I’m not creating one if there’s not one I’m not going to create one there
but just given how painful this toe has been you said you can’t even wear shoes
on on this foot right right it isn’t a constant pain I can pull
hours without any pain at all okay well let’s see if just by trimming off
all the thick skin over the top of that then if that maybe helps so a couple of
the things we have a little pad here that’s made out of just gel and if you
put that right in between here it’s going to cushion those two bones and
stop them from rubbing against each other now once you get your sock on that
will usually stay right where it is sometimes you may have to tape it to one
toe or the other or even just take these two toes together
no and that will hold it in and though there option would be there’s a little
toe cap that looks like this that has gel on the inside and you could put that
over the toe and now that’s going to cushion it like that
simplest thing and kind of a old standby is these are our corn pads and they’re
just felt adhesive corn pads they have a little hole that comes out of the middle
and what I do is I I cut it so that it’s more of a circle than an oval and then
you just put the source spot right in that bowl and then you don’t have to but
you could put a band-aid or something over it but even just that now is going
to take up the pressure around that spot so they don’t get together and that’s
what we’ll do to prevent it ultimately if it continues to be a problem we can
take an x-ray and see if there’s an easy way just to remove that little prominent
piece of bone underneath there oh okay but let’s start with this and we’ll see
how long we can keep you comfortable like that okay okay all right Please subscribe using the Dr Nail Nipper circle above. Watch more videos about Callus and Ram’s Horn Toenails.

18 thoughts on “Can I Fix this Corn without Surgery? [Callus Tuesday] (2020)

  1. Had those miserable corns on each foot….ill fitting shoes. Did end up having foot surgery and no problems forty years later.

  2. I had one like that. My little toe would curve under so I was walking on it. The dr. Shaved the tendon/ligament so my toe would relax. Haven't had any problems since.

  3. Very nice work and suggestions! Hoping that corn pad you put on will work out for her. I was really thinking you might find a bit of an open area under that tender area, and thank goodness you didn't! Can't wait to see the follow up!

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