California Passes Insane New Law Limiting Personal Water Usage With Massive Fines

The news coming out of California gets crazier
every week. Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a law which
just went into effect that limits personal water usage. People can even be hit with massive fines
if they exceed their limit by doing laundry and taking a shower on the same day. This was recently discussed by reporters on
KTLA News and the reporters seemed shocked to learn the details. The Media Times reports: The blue-collar governments that Californians
are constantly voting on may have finally crossed the line, at least that’s what these
KTLA news anchors look like. A video of the show, titled “KTLA 5 Anchors
News Morning Get Redpill,” shows complaints discussing the issue at hand, particularly
regarding 55 liters of water per day in California. “I’m not sure how I feel about it,”
anchor Jessica Holmes told her co-workers. “You won’t be allowed to shower and do
a laundry load on the same day.” While that may sound crazy, what California
Attorney Richard Lee unravels is hypothetical figures. “Doing a laundry load requires about 40
to 50 liters of water. Showering for about eight minutes uses about
17 liters of water. Well, there is a limit to daily water use,
55 gallons per day. So that means if you are showering and doing
a laundry load, you can’t do both without breaking the law… How they will implement the water budget has
not been determined, but they will be subject to monthly reporting requirements and will
be fined $ 1000 a day when completed. If they exceed the budget in a dry year, the
fine is $ 10,000 each day they spend.

4 thoughts on “California Passes Insane New Law Limiting Personal Water Usage With Massive Fines

  1. They're doing everything in their power to hide this from the average person. KTLA deleted the video of their newscasters talking about the law because Marc Kristi called it "This is insane. We can smoke weed legally, but you might break the law if you take a shower?!"

    The California government needs these fines to survive. This is why they're not informing the citizens of this new law. They want to blindside us. Everyone I have told is acting like an ostrich with their head in the sand.

  2. The fine is for the "WATER COMPANY"…not residents.  It fines them for NOT having the means to separate outside and inside water.  Don't get me wrong, this is a money grab for 2 water bills on every house….these people are criminals…but they were mistaken on KTLA5 when they reported this.

  3. KTLA is only trying to hide their reporters’ stupidity: The fact that they don’t seem to know the difference between a Liter and a Gallon. I tried to find the video to see for myself what was actually said, but I can’t find an original copy, so I can only base my judgement on second-hand sources. From what I read, laundry usage was given in Liters (40 liters = 10 gallons), but Total water allowed was stated as 55 Gallons. I do think they are doing the right thing in taking down false information, but they need to replace it with the correct info. Admit your mistake, correct it, move on.

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