BMTV EP1 – Der echte Indianer Leo Rojas im Interview (engl. sub.)

I am Leo Rojas, and you’re watching Burning-MusicTV! 200.000 sold CDs, 100 million clicks on youtube This is multi instrumentalist Leo Rojas We met the charismatic musician and real native american in Frankfurt! He did not only bring his pan flute, but also his new single. Nature Spirits has, as the name says, a big meaning for nature. spiritually i also have a connection to native americans a very big connection, because I’m a native american aswell. I am a real native american. And you can hear it, for example in the Song DUSK which will be on the new album and this song has a very special meaning, for the real native american. I became the inspiration to make this song like I’m living in my reality. I wake up in the morning and I see al the bad news I see darkness, hear about war and materialism and I hope, when the sun goes down in the evening. to pray together that those days will disappear and the next morning will turn out to be a good day full of joy and, and to a world of happiness and that’s what the song is made for with lots of emotion not only emotions, also life experiences will be part of Leo’s new Songs that will also be called “Leo Rojas” Leo Rojas performend on lots of stages and on Germany’s biggest TV Shows but he still loves to go back to his roots he started his career as a street musician where he has seen lots of things The most special and beautiful thing, that I relived was when I was playing on the streets, as i usually did Suddenly a mother with her child stopped by and I just played my music, and she asked me to stop for a second. and she put one Euro into my case and she said:” You do such beautiful music, you are different, you’re very special as I heard that, I said thank you and continued to play and this emotion, this euphoria and the hapiness I felt from her child as she started dancing when I continued to play my music These are the biggest moments, that will stay in my heart. and the biggest moments for myself and many more big moments are about to come the new album of Leo Rojas will be out this summer! His new single “nature spirits” is already available as Download.

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