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This native was predicted by Indu Nath Sharma
ji that you have taken a Parrot , put it in a cage , after that your career got spoiled. So Mercury is parrot , 6th house is jail . Mercury
looks at 12th house means something from the sky. And Rahu’s close degree aspect to Mercury. In Navamsha, Rahu and Mercury are in 12th
house. Way back in 2007 , when I decided in November to start Saptarishis Text Magazine so I travelled
, so I stayed in Varanasi for more than 10 days scouting for Astrologers, then I met Chandra Mauli Updahyay ji who was a
very popular astrologer for Bollywood celebrities and we spent sometime in Banaras Hindu university
discussing. So that time he said if you are so interested
, go and meet Indu Nath Sharma ji , he has a manuscript for Kaal Sarpa Yoga in Sanskrit
with 250 variations in Kaal Sarpa Yoga. And that is a reason over a period of 10 years,
I have told people that many modern scholars tend to say that there is no Kaal Sarpa Yoga
etc but those who have seen it in practice working, But more than that we must understand
modern scholars have not spend anytime trying to find out hidden manuscripts , second most
of the manuscripts were burnt in earlier times. We use to go buy manuscripts from various
places and we use to put it in our website , I think it is still there www.saptarishisastrology.com,
When I met Indunath Sharma ji, it took me 2-3 times , there was no address … I had
gone 2-3 times, my flight was at 7 o’ clock and I met him in the afternoon, he said I
will show you what is the difference between signs and Intuition , so I was sitting with
my guide , so he said just think in your mind a number between 20 and 30 and also think
of a flower but don’t tell me the number and flower , by that time he had a slate and small
chalk , he was writing something and he put it opposite. So he asked me my number and flower , I said
it and my guide also said and then he turned the slate and he asked to read and I saw some
mathematical calculations and exact number and flower was written for both of us. It was magic for me. He then told me there are 24 signs of Anga
Vidya (related to body parts ) . He said I can fool by saying I have intuition or I have
some siddhi but he said when you entered what body part you touched etc ..and through that
this calculation is done. I was quite stunned. Then one thing very phenomenol was he said
, I have problem in my leg and I can’t walk but I will not do any remedy for it. I want to bear that karma. Then it was after few more years, I met him
again. And I shot some videos. Somewhere in between the video he said No
stop it. And I still remember discussing Laghu Parashari
(small book 40-44 shlokas considered Gita of Astrology ) , So I told him Ram Ratan Ojha
used to know 6 versions of different meanings of each shloka, he said it is form our Parampara,
he learned from our father or grand father. He learned only 6 and I learned 13 variations
of each shloka. 13 hidden different meaning of shloka of Laghu
Parashari was stunning part. Unfortunately he was cheated by many astrologers
and astro politics of Banaras. And such people don’t reveal knowldge. We quietly sit and watch the politics that
happen without forgetting that we are more guilty of harming in not removing Astrology
and then next life or next to next life we land up travelling to Astrologers but you
never get a good prediction. This is one of the reason why some people
never get good prediciton. Our Varansi course is starting on January 19th and Ashutosh ji will be doing it. Ashutosh ji Welcome to Saptarishis Astrology. Thanks Sunil ji Whether Prashna (Horary) or say Jaimini, Bhrigu,
he was using from all the branches of Astrology. So he learned everything in Astrology. To test sometimes, I said some shlokas from Yogini, sometimes Jaimini, and what I observed is when I was saying one shloka and in return he was quoting 5 shlokas of before and 5 of after. As per my view (not necessarily though) , no one is left nowdays who mastered Jaimini, but Indu Nath Sharma ji was the one who had a very good knowledge of Jaimini. And he was the one using Jaimini Sutras in prediciton , also Arudha Padas of Jaimini and also used Prashna, mostly mixing all the branches Very first you will see, may be in 2008 when I was in touch with you or 2007 when you started the magazine. When you gave me the number of Indu Nath Sharma ji and Neelkanth Shastri ji and I went to meet them. So I went to him for so many times and got so many things to learn from him. And when I went to meet him for first time, it was so difficult to find his house. I reached near his place, there was a pond and reaching the lake, the road was extending to all 4 directions, So I got confused now where should I go as roads was extending to all 4 sides. After reaching there, a lady was cleaning dishes and asked her, she said I will take you to his place We would have walked for 10 mins, and arrived his place. And then she went back. I knocked his door and saw a man sitting there in a very straight posture and big rounded face and I also went and sat there. He was looking at someone’s horoscope and he asked the native to ask a flower name and a number. It was already written in the slate and he showed to the native. I was seeing for the first time and I thought its a very mysterious knowledge where he didn’t ask but wrote before. We were 3 friends reached there He looked at the charts of two of my friends. And when my turn came, I asked please check mine too, he said I will not check yours. We came out and then again went for 2 hours. I kept on visiting him several times later too and somehow family relations was established. I got to learn so many things from him Like few minutes back you were discussing about Laghu Parashari. I remember Aries and Scorpio Ascendant, for both these two ascendants, Mercury is considered functional malefic. While describing about a chart, he said Aries Ascendant native would die but native of Scorpio Ascendant would be saved. Lord of both is Mars, but due to different signs, the results would be different , he said this by quoting shloka from Laghu Parashari. It was related to mahadasha / antardasha ?? Yes it was something related to that the result would vary for different ascendants that native of Aries ascendant would die but of Scorpio ascendant would be protected The quotation I do not remember now as it was few years back, just we were talking, so it reminded me. Same way if you would see that if Rajyoga (auspicious yoga) is formed from 2nd House And the lord of 2nd house is malefic in nature, then it won’t give good result of the Rajyoga. But if its a benefic planet, then only it will confer good results. For this also, he quoted shloka from Laghu Parashari. There are around 40 main shlokas but there are many sub-shlokas which is not available to us now. That shlokas he used to tell in a flow, if you can remember then can do it. I saw he used to check closely the degree of planets and the other thing is Shaguna or call it Anga laskhan( predicting things with certain body parts touch.) He gave an example that if Moon is in a Cancer sign, and in between 27-30 degrees, then whenever the dasha of Jupiter or Saturn will come This is his photo. You will see that whenever Antardasha of Saturn or Jupiter will come, then native would face the health issue. And you will see that I shared a screenshot on whatsapp and many people agreed that it actually happened with them. So you will see that 27-30 degree, how correctly he has said. Like I took this chart, Here moon is in the 7th house and above 27 degrees(27:37) This native that when Saturn Antardasha was running, he fell from the bed ( he was very small ) and got badly injured on head. Same way if you look at this chart, In the second example also, Moon is in Cancer sign and at 28 degree… he got very sick and was taken to hospital If you see such astrologers are not found easily who are mastered in such knowledge. I don’t see any such astrologers nowdays who are using degrees Once I visited him, he was reading Ramayana and whole book was wet and asked him Guruji how this book got wet. He said son , I don’t read Ramayana, because when I read, tears starts rolling and the book get drench He was so pure by heart that while reading Ramayana or Ram charit Manas , he gets emotional and tears starts flowing and the whole book gets drenched. Such people are very rare. If you discuss about Vedant with him, be it any topic, he excelled in all the topics. And he remembered so many shlokas You also said once, that show this chart to him. First time he checked only D1. If Jupiter is placed in 9th from Venus, then in 3rd round of Jupiter native will be married When I showed this chart to him, this native is very good at heart but will be surrounded by negative people. He said this native will be troubled from health issue second that he will stay far from father But father will be long lived. Third is Marriage will be bit late and married life would be little troubled. Reason is Venus is with Saturn in 12th house….. So if you see, his predictions were mostly accurate. Have you taken Prashna in the powerpoint ?? I have taken only one example of the Prashna, he gave a prediction that you caged a Parrot which has spoiled your profession. He used to make such predictions many times. Once I took my friend and he said to my friend that in childhood you kept cows as a pet and one of the cow was lost and didn’t come back. He just in childhood your one cow was lost said cow when she went for grazing He just had calculations of Astrology not the siddhis. Once I went with someone else , he told to him that you have not taken bath today And while you were coming here, your daughter fell and got hurt. In real, his daughter was hurt while he was coming from Ranchi to Banaras. All his predictions, he used to start at 4 or 5 pm and goes till 8 pm. Such predictions are very hard to make. 4th October, 2008, 19:00, Varanasi(Uttar Pradesh) House for Jail is considered to be 6th house or 12th house. 12th house is also of the sky where bird flies. Now you will see 12th lord Jupiter is in the 9th house, and aspecting Saturn with 9th aspect and Rahu is placed in Saturn’s sign. And Rahu’s 9th aspect is on Mercury and Sun. But here Rahu’s degree (22 deg 52 min) and Mercury’s degree(22 deg 40 min) . Sun’s degree is less, so Rahu is closer to Mercury and Rahu is placed in 10th house of profession. Mercury represents green colored bird. Mercury aspecting 12th house with it’s 7th aspect placed in 6th. Mercury’s nakshatra is Hasta means hands , so the thing which travels in the sky of green color is caught by hand and put in a prison. After that your profession got spoiled as Rahu is placed in 10th. In D9, Rahu and Mercury is in 12th house. One karma affects and is chained to another. Everyone should try to do only good karma. In June, 2009 , he met with major accident. In the book highlighted, we have taken a special Jaimini aspect which was taught by him only. One of my friend, We went to Kumbha mela in Jan-Feb in Allahabad That time he didn’t had a job. I also gave a prediction that after April, you will get a job but he was very tensed. But I was also in the ashram, we had lunch together. He asked to give number of Indu Nath Sharma ji. So I called his nephew to inform. Then he went to him Indu Nath ji predicted that you will not get job now but you will get in June. ..Indu Nath ji had problem in eyes, so he asked to create chart on his slate and asked to write dasha. you dn’t have job now, but you will get in June. He told these two things and he got job on 28th June He is no more among us. whatever I have learned , will bring in the form of book

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  1. जो अंतिम चार्ट दिया गया उदाहरण में उसमे आप देखे की गुरु अपनी राशि मे है। जीवकारक गुरु से अष्टम भाव का स्वामी चंद्र बनता है जो कि कन्या में है। यदि हम सभी ग्रहों की अंश 0 मान कर चले तो शनि जब दूसरा राउंड पूरा करके 72 वर्ष की उम्र में कर्क में मानेंगे तो शनि गुरु से अष्टम होगा और तीसरी दृष्टि से गुरु से अष्टमेश चन्द्र को देखेगा। यंहा शनि जीव को मृत्यु या मृत्यु तुल्य कष्ट देगा। किन्तु दुर्घटना के लिए हम मंगल और राहु के इस मिलन पर विचार करेंगे राहु जब अपने 4 राउंड पूरे कर लेगा तो यह वापिस मंगल और राहु के मिलन पर गोचर करेगा जिससे कि यह दुर्घटना हुई। जून 2009 में जब आप ग्रहों का गोचर देखेंगे तो यह ग्रह आपको यंहा नही मिलेंगे क्योंकि मेने गणना सभी ग्रहों को 0° मानकर की है। यह फलित मेने नाड़ी ज्योतिष या गोचर ज्योतिष से किया है। अगर आपके मन मे यह प्रश्न उठ रहा हो को यह स्थिति तो शनि के पहले 2 राउंड में भी बनी तो ऐसा क्यों नही हुआ। तो सबसे पहले तो गुरु मजबूत है उसको शुक्र का आशीर्वाद मिल रहा है। और दूसरा शनि जातक के जीवन पर असर अपने तीसरे राउंड में डालता है। प्रथम राउंड में दादा दादी नाना नानी और दूसरे राउंड में माता पिता और तीसरे राउंड में जातक और जातक की पत्नी पर प्रभाव रखता है।
    कोई गलती हो तो क्षमा करें।

  2. नमष्कार दोनो गुरुजीको.इंदुनाथजी नही रहे यह दुःख की बात है.सप्तर्षी एस्टरॉलॉजि और मेहमान ज्योतिषी बहुत बढीया और अलग जानकारी देते है इसलीये उनको प्रणाम.परंतु अलग टेक्निक प्रेडीकशन करनेवाले ज्योतिष गुरुजनोका पता,कॉन्टॅक्ट नंबर नही देते यह नुकसान कारक बात है.जिज्ञासू अभ्यासक ऊनसे मिल नही पाते, न कुछ सिख पाते है.उदा. स्वर्गीय सि .एस. पटेल जी से अनेकोबार मिले हुए मुलुंड के व्यासजी, बुद्ध के यु ट्युब में सुनील जी ने एक डॉक्टर का जिक्र किया जो मृत्यू की तारीख निकालते है( आज की तारीख में कई लोग आरोप करते है की ज्योतिष यह कोई शास्त्रही नही है और कोई ज्योतिषी मृत्यू काल बता नही सकता ) मगर ऐसे विद्वानोका कॉन्टॅक्ट नंबर नही दिया जाता. परिणामतः विद्यार्थी कोई टेकनिक प्राप्त नही कर सकता.शायद ऐसी अनुठी अलग टेकनिक सिर्फ इन गीने चुने विद्वानोके पास ही रह जायेगी और आम विद्यार्थी प्राप्त नही कर पायेंगे.कृपया विद्ववत ज्योतिषीयोंके कॉन्टॅक्ट नंबर दिजिये यह नम्र बिनती है.
    – निशिकांत जोशी ,पालघर 9860593004.

  3. Oh so sad abt Great Astrologer Indunath Sharma ji😢…..always amazing lessons for us.Heartfelt thanx to Sunil Sir,Ashutosh Sir n Team🙏💐🐚🍁🌴🍁🐚🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩😇💫🌈🌠🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟…..

  4. आचार्य आशुतोष जी और सुनील जी मेरे अत्यंत प्रिय ज्योतिषियों में से है ।

  5. Sunil Ji is an absolutely gem of a person I’ve seen….helped me without knowing me and guided me with his knowledge.any other astrologer would have sent his account details first. i am so unfortunate my circumstances don’t allow me to meet him personally.

  6. I thank God and my starts for giving me wisdom to subscribe to your channel and I just love, get amazed and I get goosebumps when I watch these kind of videos where you share about rare great astrologers and their fabulous predictions, I may not be as blessed as Sunil Sir or Ashutosh Sir who got an opportunity to meet such legendary astrologer in person but I feel I'm little bit blessed to even have got an opportunity to listen about such astrologers via you all. Thank you so much for sharing Sir🙏🙏

  7. If I know a good astrologer where & whom shall I contact to give information about him. He is the only one I have found resembling Suni John sir in his approach till now.

  8. Indunath Guruji rest in peace
    Sirji I have seen a boy have moon nearly 26 degree
    In karka lagana
    the brain growth was slow he was born
    28-august -2000 12-45 pm
    If there is any remidy for this boy
    Please help him they will pay your consultation fee
    Thank you

  9. Very unfortunate loss of great Astrologer Mr. Indunath Sharmaji. I like to see more videos of Mr. Sunil Sir, whenever he gets time he can share some his life experience about great astrologer or people to whom he met. Those story must be very interesting and full of life learning lessons. Please think on it Sir…

  10. D9 chart rahu and Mercury conjunction also in moon rashi which is mercury nakshtra load moon rashi too. That can be taken in to consideration that I thinks.

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