100 thoughts on “Astrology for the Soul July 26, 2017

  1. Lots of cougars (mountain lions!!!) screaming and chirping for their mates at night around here in the Southern Cowichan… thanks and blessings from Van Isle, BC!!! Leo South Node here ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My rising is on that degree and this report resonates with me so much! I am totally feeling the higher love and the hunt. Thank you!

  3. welcome to your sun sign ~ we celebrate your birthday month ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you ! soooooo much love <3

  4. I feel the opposite of creative inspired and dynamic. Doesn't feel good. Not sure. Will be praying on it.

  5. Awesome report Kaypacha! I'm looking forward to this Saturday's powerful aspects! It's my annual country fair's Homemade ice cream contest! A feast for the senses, I've entered for over 20 years, the highlight of my year, it's always close to my birthday(which is on August 10) I do intend to injoy & (devour my creative energy with everyone else's) and spread the love! All entrants get to taste each entry as it is judged and before all is sold! So much love to you! Namaste` Looking forward to your broadcast from London. Thank you!

  6. Hm, with the Deepening of My Understanding of My Self and My Sexuality, in Relation to My Spirit, I have been aware of 2 Aspects playing out simultaneously, when in Sexually Intimate Situations with My Lover. 1. I felt as if there were 3 of Us: Me, Him, and God/Source/Spirit. 2. As I KNOW that We Cannot be Precious about Any of Our Creations/Actions, because EVERYTHING Flows "Through Us" NOT "From Us," I became aware of Us All Merging With The ONENESS that is Spirit/Energy, which is Our Very Essence!! 3 in 1, so to speak! Ha! ~ ~ Synchronistically, I am also a Scorpio! ~ Whilst Cancer is represented by the Rock Pools, and Pisces, (though Kaypacha views Pisces as Ether, not Water), is represented by the Sea, that huge expanse of fathomless emotional energy, in the Form of Water, which the Maori's View as the Life Blood of Mother Earth, Scorpio has oft been represented as the Lake: Calm and Smooth on the Surface, with lots going on Beneath, within Her Watery Depths!! Unseen, on the Surface! ~ Also, it is interesting to note, that it is the 8th Degree, as Scorpio is the 8th Sign, and 8 is the Symbol of Infinity. ~ ~ But Yes, to Return to the Purity, Playfulness, and Innocence of Sexual Unity, I Always Described It As *TRANSCENDENTAL SEX* ~ ~ So, I am in Total Agreement with Dane Rudhyar in this respect. ~ ~ Thanks Tom, for yet another 'spot on' and enthusiastic Astrological Report. ~ ~ Hope You can get away from London's Summer Pollution Levels!! Hampstead Heath and Highgate Cemetary may offer some Relief! ~ ~ So Much Love & Many Blessings ~ Ruby*X*

  7. Unfortunately the NWO will just end up being an expanded and more ruthless version of the present world order as unjust as it may seem at present. One would be well served to take a look at history for a better understanding.

  8. N. B. In order to achieve/reach/attain the State of *TRANSCENDENCE* ~ through Sexual Unity, One must give up All Thoughts of Achieving/Reaching/Attaining, Anything! ~ ~ One must completely Surrender One's Ego/Sense of Separation, in Selfless Service to Source, Allowing Divine Will to Flow Through, Directing One's Movements, as the Creative Force that Powers All. ~ It's simply a Matter of Aligning One's Individual Will, with Divine Will, and then, the Drop and the Ocean are United in the Flow of Consciousness, that feels so fucking 'far out' it seems Unreal!! ~ Q: Why does it seem Unreal? ~ A: Because it is not the Limiting Version of Sexual Expression, or, more accurately, Repression, that We are Conditioned into Accepting as Standard Sex!! (Often!). ~ ~ Don't be Surprised if You start Moving in Waves, like a Serpent! ~ It'll only be Your Kundalini Energy that's been Activated!! ~ ~ Also, Don't be Surprised if You Experience Fully Body (not just Genitally Focused) Orgasms, and maybe Multi – Dimensional Orgasms too!! ~ ~ Sexual Standards Warning: Once You Have Experienced *TRANSCENDENTAL SEX* You Can't Go Back to Sex, as You Did It Before!! ~ Because, Anything Less Than The Best, After You Have Actually Experienced The Best Would Feel Bang Out of Order!! In the Natural Order of the After Effects of Specific Strataspheres, or Vibrational Frequencies, of Life Experiences!! ~ ~ I Know, I'm a Typical Scorpio! Fascinated by Sex, and the Magic Portal that it Presents into the Quantum Field of Infinite Orgasmic Possibilities!! ~ ~ Highly Recommend It!! ~ ~ Choose Your Reality Wisely!! Ha! ~ ~ As Dane Rudhyar says, the Calm Mind! Calming and Emptying Your Mind, is the Beginning of Transcendence ~ in My Experience*X*

  9. Hey i can do that jaguar /big cat calls with my mouth. Making a tight passage to push air thru between the back roof of the mouth and the tongue. It kind of gives me an idea of how feline growls even work to begin with.

  10. Kaypacha, thank you so much! I have been watching you for about two years, and you have greatly helped me stay sane on my journey of purification and seeing through the illusion! Really, from the bottom of my heart I Thank You!
    Much love to you!

  11. Phase 3: Addendum: As Kaypacha read both Elsie's and Dane Rudhyar's Perspectives on Surrendering the Ego, to the Higher Inspiration, all 'Surrendering the Ego' is, is Clearing the Mind of Clutter/Thoughts Jostling for Recognition etc., Dropping All Attachment to the Lower Mind, and Consciously Choosing to Align the Heart with the Higher Mind, which Connects Us with Spirit! ~ ~ The Mind is the Bridge Between the Heart and the Higher Self/Super Self/Spirit. ~ ~ When the Bridge is Clear of Traffic and Road Blocks, the Energy is *FREE TO FLOW* ~ ~ We can CHOOSE, to operate with a Narrow Mind, a Closed Heart, and Zero Conscious Connection to Our Higher Self. ~ Or, We can Wake Up' and Smell the Roses, Experiencing the Beautiful Simplicity, of Our Selves, Our Fellow Planetarian Companions, and the Ever Changing Kaleidoscopic Brilliance of Life!! ~ ~ I Know, I'm on a Roll!! Ha Ha!! ~ ~ Sweet*Dreams and Soft Landings! ~ ~ LightLove ~ Ruby*X*

  12. Lions are beautiful and they do what they have to!ย ย Lions before Bananas!ย 8 degrees of Leo in my 10th is Pluto.ย  My dad was born in Russia and I was named after Stalin's daughter!ย  Holey Moley!!!ย  Also have Jupiter and N Node here.

  13. I had a rainbow see true colored LION in my meditation 2 weeks ago, it was roaring in the dark universe with stars and so on, its in 1 of my videos ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. hmmm,,,i am a double Leo and have Pluto conjoined to my Leo ascendent and i am such a darn gentle,,loving Soul,,, something must be wrong with me lol

  15. Fair the well in jolly England. Thanks for the good message. As an Aquarian I like the emphasis on love, baybee!

  16. Sounds like a powerful week heading this week, better be on the lookout for all those lions ๐Ÿฆ

  17. Whatever you do- do not let the banks and corporations trick you into forgiving them with feigned love or NESARA or whatever.
    Remember- they fucked our lives, our children's lives and our parents and grandparents lives up- through social engineering and harmful chemicals from various sources like food, water, air and vaccinations in order to immobilize us to this unnatural degree.
    Forgive these snakes to your own peril brothers and sisters.

  18. Are you referring to the New World Order that's on the GA guidestones that all these people who put satan first, want? Or are you talking about something else?

  19. Hey Kaypacha….how can i see that webinar on north node leo???…i have south node leo and i d really love to know what it means for me….no one else has any info on it as far as i can see…cos im confused if we are bringing in the aquarian age wich is to work collectively…how that equates to being a "leader"?…anyway…a link to the webinar would be great…thanks๐Ÿท

  20. Thank U dearest Kaypacha for your Awesomeness & Very to the Point Report! In my view LEO is the EGO inside each of us , that we have to Transcend through Love & Compassion, Healing all past Misery. I Love Dane Rudhiar`s Book t"he Astrological Mandala" too ย . So much Love & Light to U All. I Am Your Always Loving Friend & Cocreator,Pls take notice of these video`s : ย 
    Is Humanity a Young Arrogant Race Compared to Other Life in the Universe?https://youtu.be/4sahHVBKPKoPublished on 26 Jul 2017. Humanity is a very young race. It is infatuated with technology. It thinks it is inordinately important in the universe.
    This education about the Greater Community is essential:
    Shared onย my Blog http://andalightoflovespiritual.blogspot.nl The Angels Speak on the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Universe | Voice of the Angels, https://youtu.be/tBql8b4iGvoPublished on 1 Mar 2017 by โ€œAngelic Voicesโ€, 176 views today.ย  Hear and read the Voice of the Angels speaking to you:

    The Angels of God are speaking anew. Here the Angelic Assembly are stepping forward as spiritual guides to humanity, providing inspiration, guidance and
    wisdom for all people. Many believe these are guardian angels or ascended masters, some believe they are the archangels of God or intermediaries between
    us the spirit realm. Really they are the unseen spiritual teachers who watch over all people in the world, guiding us towards the discovery of our deeper spiritual nature and showing us how to live a spiritual life in a difficult
    world of confusion and conflict. Here the love and wisdom of the Angels is guiding humanity anew, through a New Message from God for the world.
    Hear the Voice of the Angels speaking through the New Message from God:


  21. Compassionate Durga, Beautiful Virgo-Leo energy the Lion Riding Goddess, major arcanum number 11 (in the centre!) Strength – also sometimes arcanum 8 and known as Lust, so much of this resonates with your message and mantra man, cheers. Also Scorpio and Aquarius 8th and 11th signs too! Victory to the Compassionate Lion Rider, and Shiva meditating on the lion also <3 So MUCH love <3

  22. The Lion & the Scorpion. the 2 killers of the zodiac. excellent observation. I'm a Sagittarius, so I don't want to hurt nobody.

  23. Thank you brother.Knowing you, I am pretty certain when you said a New World Order was about to be birthed, it wasn't that which we have heard about so much. It's not the establishment and the dark power, it's that of the light.The new world is A New Earth. Oneness consciousness.ย I just felt to share that and make that distinction, however those who follow you will know that is not what you meant! ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ’š๐ŸŒŸโœจโ˜ฎ๏ธ

  24. after living in Switzerland for the past 3 years today I make my back to England as a completely different person as I was 3 years ago. I am feeing this mantra, and I am excited ! bring on the un known Mann! love you kaypacha <3

  25. holy crap – for a 1st house mars in leo / scorpio sun with Hunter for a surname – I'm taking this personally x x x

  26. Why all those commentaries about the animal Lion : this is symbolism, not any reasons to compare with people just a parrallel, this is just symbolism ! Tom is a good teacher he simplifies a lot for all !

  27. THANK YOU……THANK YOU…..THANK YOU!!!!! So Much Higher Awareness You Share With Us ALL!!! Inspiration is Our Gift!! Thank You Kaypacha for setting the Bar HIGHER!!!! We Create With Love And Fun! We Love You!! Namaste'

  28. This report reminded me of something you said several years ago "Nature is moral." This simple truth makes my heart sing. We can always return to nature to align our moral compass. Love the way you lead the way with your authenticity.

  29. I am Leo with Scorpio rising. Would love to hear the eclipse seminar. Is it available for public on here?

  30. SO MUCH LOVE back to you- I love how you are SO in tune to the energy & explain exactly what I'm feeling & the messages I am receiving- thank you for sharing that awesome book!!!! Abundant Blessings & safe journeys!!!

  31. Hi Tom,
    So very grateful for your weekly reports! I've been with them for a few years now and they always help out! Thank you. I was wondering, how does one go ahead and access your webinars!? I meandered through the new paradigm astrology website but I can't find any and I'm especially interested to hear what your insights are on this upcoming eclipse!!!

  32. Happy Birthday to you Mr. Leo โ™Œ ๐ŸŽ‚ ๐ŸŽˆ ๐ŸŒธ Love seeing your bananas & awesome flower! ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒ Thanks, that was such a great report I'm checking my chart to watch again ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’œ
    Scorpio โ™ ๐ŸŒž Sun & a Stellium there, w/ Leo โ™Œ rising๐ŸŒ„ Crucial time, it feels that way! ๐Ÿ’Œ Namaste & thank you for your Light ๐Ÿ’ก & Humour ๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ’— Travel safe, i wish i could've come down to London to join you ๐Ÿ˜•

  33. Thank you for this nice report!! I always love watching you're videos! My first child, a son, has been born this Sunday morning. It was a beautiful homebirth and I'm so grateful for the way things worked out and everything that happened. It's beautiful to take a look back at this moment, this event, after watching this pele report. Gives me a lot of insight, magic! Thank you!!

  34. Omg omg! I have 8 degrees all over my chart in important places this cracks me up. i was in second grade when i wrote a story about how burning all the money would create a better world for a school assignment, and i even gathered signatures for a petition in the 3rd grade to get "nicer teachers" bc i felt oppressed by them lol. i was always fascinated by communism and communal lifestyles and by middle school i had learned that people vote and i was a tiny revolutionary writing graffiti saying that underage people should be allowed to vote and have their voices heard. in high school i was pretty uranian(sun conj)/philosophical with my views on life and rejection of consumerist ideals, and i even travelled to china and studied mao (not a fan of dictators though at all). noam chomsky was kind of my hero when i was studying linguistics and realized he could manage to be all things at once, a teacher, inventor and a political activist (sag sun and a stellium in the 3rd explains the whole language+teaching being attractive, now i understand the activist side too) that's pretty rad.

  35. Leo is my 12th house cusp and I'm never certain what that means. I think it means I need to work extra hard right now to focus on that mantra <3

  36. It would be super cool to see Kypacha do an interview with David Palmer, the "Leo King".
    What do you think?

  37. When lions kill they share their prey amongst themselves as priority and then the rest of the foodchain…….

  38. Tom, Why is there a HUGE BLACK BLOCK of foreign letters BLOCKING my screen while you are talking? PLEASE remove it…very annoying!!

  39. i have aqaurius sun, scorpio moon, and leo rising, godamn i had been playing out every pattern you said, and it took me until the end of the week, to watch this and finally understand why i was going through the patterns i was. Thank you kaypacha, you do some amazing astrology.

  40. Haha, i agree with everything you say most the time but NWO is Bush. However I am woo woo enough to overlook that, I just think Communism is the opposite of revolution, it's not new and it's been killing the world for 200 years… But hear hear on toppling the patriarchy, but the NWO is the patriarchy of false priests, your piscian delusion you speak of… Out of respect for the new age I won't bash too much on socialism but the Fabian Socialists have been running the Patriarchy since the 1700s.

  41. Thank YOU so much LOVE my man, this has brought so much wisdom to a head for me, words can not express the gratitude I have for you.. SO MUCH LOVE FROM LES

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