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bjbjqPqP m KG Stiles with your Astro Highlights
brought to you by PUREPLANTESSENTIALS.COM organic aromatherapy. On April 4th, 2011,
it s a 4-4-4 day, at 6:36am Pacific the planet Neptune takes a brief swim in its home sign
of Pisces. Until August 4th when it returns to Aquarius for a last goodbye. Then in February
2012 Neptune re-enters Pisces for its long sojourn of 13+ years. What does Neptune s
station in its home sign of Pisces over the next 13 years mean for you? Remember you can
always choose through your awareness to activate the positive or higher side of a vibration
with a transit, as well as the negative or lower side of the vibration of a planet s
transit through a sign. Its through your awareness and willingness to observe life circumstances
and make conscious, life affirming choices, rather than blindly reacting to your life
circumstances from old story paradigms and conditioned mind patterns that you can choose
to experience the positive side of Neptune s transit through Pisces. On today s show
I ll give you helpful tips for how to navigate the waters ahead and stay aware, as well as
how to recognize when you re resisting the opportunities Neptune brings! Neptune is the
higher octave of the love planet Venus. Neptune is all accepting and unconditional in its
love, representing the romantic and inspired dreamer, who has no sense of limits or boundaries.
Neptune rules all things watery and fluid like gases, radiation, the sea, rivers, lakes,
and streams. It also rules the film industry, science fiction and fantasy, the arts, music
and all creative and artistic endeavours. Escapism through drugs (both legal and illegal)
can be on the rise, as well as meditation and spirituality to develop one s spiritual
nature which is a more positive expression of the Neptunian force within each of us.
The negative side of a Neptune transit if we are resisting opening up to aligning with
truth and our spiritual essence by contemplating our choices for action about what will bring
balance may manifest as torrential rains, floods, tsunamis, and energy leaks of all
kinds in your personal life, as well as on a global level. Neptune s transit through
Pisces is excellent for becoming aware about sustainability issues and making adjustments
to bring balance, harmony and peace all positive means for integrating the Neptune influence
in our lives. If we make these adjustments and willingly balance our inflow and outflow
of resources of all kinds physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic and psychic the transit
will go more smoothly for us as individuals which can have far reaching impact for us
globally since we are all connected and more powerfully so than ever with Neptune s transit
through its home sign of Pisces. However the cautionary tale, as we move further into the
heart of the Neptune transit in Pisces, is that the intensity for making internal and
external course corrections will continually get amped up if we resist making necessary
changes. Neptune does not recognize borders or boundaries and during this transit we will
see increased globalization and a natural movement toward perceiving that we are one
world family, and focus more on our commonality and shared resources. The negative side of
this is a loss of individuality and healthy, functioning boundaries which could be activated
if we are motivated primarily by lower emotions of fear, and greed that results in struggle
and confusion about what s mine and what s yours. Neptune s transit of Pisces is a time
to connect with your inner Divine guidance and with your soul qualities and values and
to align with others at a soul level, to cultivate your finer character qualities as a spiritual
being having an earthly experience and to share with others from a more refined level.
A mainstream interest in spirituality (not religion, but spirituality) will further increase.
Our psychic faculties for intuition, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and Clair cognizance
will be further activated and mediums and psychic readers will become mainstream for
consulting to help you align with your truth and access your own Divine life essence and
become clear about your inner guidance for wise choices to make in your life. This is
the more positive, healthy use of a psychic reader or intuitive, not to use psychics as
a means to escape from taking responsibility for making your own choices, or to give someone
else power over you or weaken your own personal will forces. To activate the positive side
of these beautiful and exquisite Neptune spiritual love vibrations stay grounded with a healthy
routine of diet and exercise, spend time in nature, and have a regular spiritual practice
to clear your heart, mind and soul. Compassion, releasing judgment and practicing forgiveness
are also key elements for navigating this powerful Neptune influence at this time. I
highly recommend performing the Ho oponopono Forgiveness Ritual as needed. You can download
it for FREE off of my website at KGSTILES.COM Go to Healing Tools, CDs & Podcasts for your
FREE download. A regular practice of meditation will strengthen your ability to observe your
mind and guide it gently to focus on what you desire to manifest in your life. Neptune
energies allows you to access your unconscious mind and integrate your shadow material easily
now, to become whole, healed and healthy. The sun signs being most impacted during Neptune
s transit of Pisces are those with Sun or Ascendant in Pisces, who could potentially
become fully self realized during this transit, or – on the other extreme – become lost in
fantasy, illusion, confusion, fear, escapism, drugs or alcohol. During its transit of Pisces
Neptune trines the water signs of Scorpio and Cancer. This is wonderful news for Scorpios
and Cancers as they ll have easy times ahead, beneficial rewards and good fortune over the
next 13+ years. Make the most of your good fortune Scorpios and Cancers by sharing it
with others who are less fortunate during these times which will make the results of
your good fortune lasting and truly rewarding! Neptune will form a sextile to the earth signs
Taurus and Capricorn giving both Taurians and Capricorns opportunities for love, and
spiritual connections of kinds are especially highlighted. Lasting Soulmate bonds are highly
likely during this transit for both Taurus and Capricorn. Neptune forms an Opposition
to the earth sign Virgo which will create breakthrough opportunities in an area of your
life Virgo that has long been resistant to change, creating illumination and profound
new spiritual freedom. For the other astrological sun signs the opportunities for spiritual
awakening are likely to come through more challenging aspects such as a square that
can feel frustrating and filled with conflict. Your guidance is to relax and trust the process
that is opening you to new levels of your spiritual being, and opening your heart to
love at deeper levels than you have previously ever been opened to which will change you
and your world forever. With Neptune s transit of Pisces the power of love is opening and
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  1. What a beautiful soul you are born under the the sun sign of pisces. Neptune's transit through your sign will definitely bring out a more creative and spiritual side of you. Beware of Drug and alcohol abuse.

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