Are You a Leo? Here’s What Makes You Unique

Hello again, viewers! In this video we are going to talk about the
fifth zodiac sign, Leo. If Cancer signifies the arrival of summer
then Leo is summer at it’s best. It is a zodiac sign that is known for its
charisma and drive. This is why Leos are called as the kings and
queens of the zodiac. So, what makes the lion so special? Well, let’s find out. The Leo Personality Traits There is always that diva in a friend’s circle. The diva is a person, who loves all the attention
and loves being treated like a star. Leos love to be noticed. This is why they do everything they can to
get attention. They crave it a little more than other zodiac
signs. Picture a theater actor, the entire world
is a stage and everyday is a performance. When it comes to Leos, they want to be the
center of everyone’s world. They are usually the center of their friends’
circle and it is not by coincidence. They are also very charismatic. Many Leos can make friends with minimal effort. They are also good at negotiating, and can
break up fights with ease. A Leo is also very loyal and passionate. When these folks have set their eyes on something
they know how to get it. There is just no way to stop them. Just like Taurus, Leo is a fixed sign and
can be very ambitious. In order to achieve their goals, Leos often
jump into something without thinking. This is one of their darker sides. When they desire something, they’ll go lengths
to attain it, even if it means manipulating someone. As a result, it is always beneficial to have
them on your side and not the opposition. The Lions and lionesses of the zodiac are
also good at leading teams. They are loud. Being heard by others is not a problem for
them. Another interesting thing about this zodiac
sign is their ability to stay focused in tough conditions. No wonder they will reach their goals. Leos can be generous and big-hearted as well. They love having a lot of friends. In fact, they feel proud of it. They are naturally extroverted and often feel
the need to socialize. Much like Gemini and Cancer, Leos also do
not like loneliness. While, it doesn’t have the same negative impact
on them as it does on the other two signs. It still leaves them slightly bitter and frustrated. Leos love people, they love the appreciation,
criticism and general feedback. They are very open-minded individuals and
love to try out new things. They also do well in performing arts like
dancing or acting. Basically, Leo is down for anything that can
boost their ego and make them feel good about themselves. Speaking of ego, Leos can be very egotistical. On the upside though, they are usually very
nice and friendly people. As long as you haven’t done anything to offend
them or their beliefs. Speaking of beliefs, Leo is one sign along
with Pisces for whom a belief system is very important. Whether it is a religion or an ideology of
life, if you want to be respected by this zodiac sign then you need to have a belief
system. is a big deal for them too. They also like to be pampered and told that
they are loved. Speaking of being loved, let’s take a look
at… The Leo Compatibilities As a fire sign, Leos do well with other fire
signs. Of course, looking at their overall personality,
they are probably better suited with Sagittarius. The free-spirited and slightly wild zodiac
sign knows how to keep this regal zodiac happy. Additionally, Leo’s adventurous side may get
more excited in the presence of a Sagittarius. It would be a win-win scenario for both parties. Of course, Leos would have to take care of
their controlling nature as a Sagittarius would never compromise on their freedom. Speaking of Freedom, a Leo may face the same
problem with an Aries. Being with another person with the same mentality,
may not be that great. Apart from that, a Leo in a relationship isn’t
necessarily the most . Nothing that these two can’t work on though. After all, both are known to be very determined
and headstrong. Speaking of being determined, the dynamics
are very similar with a Taurus. Although, astrologers don’t rate the Leo-Taurus
match very highly. It is because of the different elements and
the fact that Leos don’t necessarily do well with Earth signs. Even Virgo and Capricorn may not be able to
woo the Lion. Among water signs, Leos have an average score
against Scorpios. If the two individuals can find common ground
then they could turn out to be a power couple. Unfortunately, it is not always the case. While Cancer may not be interested in dating
someone who they may perceive to be very self-centered. On the other hand, Pisces can be a good match
for a Leo. These two zodiac signs are more similar than
they realize. The love for arts might also be a factor when
it comes to bonding between the two signs. Of course, fire and water don’t match but
if they can figure out a way to coexist in harmony, it can work. According to many astrologers, a Leo’s best
match is usually either a Gemini or a Libra. Gemini knows exactly how to keep a Leo interested,
while the Libra charm is good enough to get a Leo smitten with them. As far as compatibility goes, a Leos greatest
challenges may lie with Aquarius. Why? They are opposite signs and Aquarius may simply
be too independent for the Leo. They off-beat and don’t like being tied down,
while the Leo would want to dominate. So this may be a difficult road for them to
navigate. On that note, it is time to talk more about
Leo’s… Likes and Dislikes While approaching a Leo, please keep in mind,
this sign may seem intimidating but they are really cats in Lion’s skin. They love attention and they want to be treated
nicely. Pretty much like any other cat in the world. Ask any cat owner and they would tell you
the same. This is why if you stroke the cat, it will
purr. If you rub it the wrong way, its claws will
come out. So make sure that you tread carefully with
this sign. Leos may be sensitive as well. If they are not being noticed, they might
feel depressed. Most of the time, they might change their
groups or pretend that it doesn’t affect them. All the while, they might feel slightly bad
about themselves on the inside. This trait makes them susceptible to anxiety. Just remember to be nice with this zodiac
sign. Yes, they are slightly childish but they are
also very nice, friendly and loyal. Are you a Leo? Have you ever dated one? Let us know in the comments section below,
we would love to hear from you. Stay tuned for our next video, where we will
be talking about the professor of the zodiac, Virgo.

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