65 thoughts on “Are Cancer & Virgo Compatible? | Zodiac Love Guide

  1. …You shouldnt judge people by their Zodiac Sign, Because im Virgo and that is nothing like me… So yeah ……

  2. My last relationship (cancer) was just too needy. I'm a virgo, I just wasn't able to give all of myself to him I guess.

  3. I feel sorry for you. I'm a virgo, and I once cheated on a girlfriend. I felt sick about myself for ½ year after. I never told her, because I would do that for my own relief, and it wouldn't serve her any good at all. Never cheated since, and I'm happy to call myself a loyal person.

  4. Virgo is not a liar we are loyal but depends if we are not happy to our partner we can be liar because we don't like to hurt someone beside us.

  5. Descrides me and my boyfriend so much!
    Ima hopeless romantic, creative, needy in ways
    And him being a virgo very structured and solid and when we were bestfriends he never showed much emotion till we fell for eachother one summer and i bring out a passionate side of him that i have only seen with me:) we fuss and agrue but in the long run we just wanna love each other

  6. My beloved man is virgo and I am cancer with ricing sun in virgo 🙂 So I do understand him perfectly.,he is much as me caring, loving, practical,forgiving, patient less dreaming and more doing then me so just exactly what I need.

  7. I'm a cancer and yes, I do tend to cling to some people but I'm working on trying not to do that. There us this guy I have known for over 5 years and we have grown very close and he is a virgo I do like to be around him and see what he is doing a lot but I understand guys need their space 😂 I just hope we can be together someday.

  8. I'm a Virgo male who has had two relationships with Cancerian ladies.
    unfortunately they both been hurt by men in their past and because a Cancerian never forgets, I believe Cancerians who have been hurt, find it almost impossible to trust and become over sensitive and even more moody with the changing of the Months.
    I still love my ex, who was my last Cancerian relationship.
    But way to much damage has been caused by men and has never forgotten.

  9. I'm a cancer female. I've been talking to this Virgo male, and he is the best person in my life. Honestly. When we are around each other we say what we want with no hesitation. We're crazy and in love. We both look for the same things and we've never been in an argument. I've never met a Virgo besides him, but he is the absolute best.

  10. I am a cancer female but I am not moody most of all I am not clingy. I am just teasing people. I really don't like to cling somebody. In this condition cancer stars are more determine as compared to leo aries saggittarius virgo and gemini. I really like to say that cancer stars are confident and cheerful infact my teacher says she is very talented.so I don't think so cancer star is sensitive I am always far my worries and find happiness. I am very optimistic and hopefully. I am not break my hope at the end even the competion. I am really observative but these qualities do not match according to astrology information about cancer

  11. I really like a Cancerian right now, and for a long time I hope. All my relationships have been with Gemini's, my earthy self needs some water in my life 😭

  12. I'm a virgo woman who met a cancer man at my job he was one of the best people I met there….. he quit his job and yesterday was his last day even though its olny been a few hours and I still have his number and he works in the nearby mall I still miss him 🙁

  13. I'm a Virgo my man is cancer is kind and funny and I'm shy and a comedian . We work out cause we are two peas in a pod . I can be myself .

  14. A negative virgo n cancer couple are obviously bad, but 2 mature virgo n cancer people are literally the best and most underrated relationship.my girl is a crab and she's the only person that understands,cares and is fun enough for me.

  15. I am a cancer male and just reconnected with a Virgo from my past and can relate to this video on every level, only down side is rite now I'm in DC and she's in new Orleans. Wish us luck folks!

  16. Cancer female here and in a new relationship with a Virgo male. Our connection was so strong and we get along so well. I’ve never felt more loved and wanted. He really makes me feel like a princess 😊

  17. im a virgo female and i’m lowkey into a cancer man. i’m so in love with him because he’s really supportive of me even though we’re different religions and backgrounds. he always helps me with work i don’t understand at school. i don’t see him often because he goes to classes at lunch but i see him everyday we have school. i accidentally got him sick bc he came really close to me and i breathed and he hasn’t been at school for 2 days. i know that cancerrs don’t like rejection so i’m gonna do something to get his number bc he doesn’t have social media. i get my braces off monday so in the morning i’m probably gonna say “do you want to be the first person from school to see them off?” and see what he says. my friends are positive he likes me because of the way he looks at me and he’s shy in general but he’s super open to me so i’m pretty sure i’ve passes the part where you have to gain their trust !

  18. I'm the mother ship cancer crab the male mother ship of all bosses .. female virgo….u way too dum for me… please stop calling me.

  19. Cancer male, my best friend of 10+ years is a Virgo. If we were both straight she’d be my soulmate lol.

  20. Im a virgo and i dont really click with cancer guys, very different minds or they’re too in their feelings i dont know what it is. 🤷🏻‍♀️ theres always something that turns me off about them.

  21. Mi a virgo my mom is cancer and I love my mom soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and if mi not round her I will have a fit. Because I love my mommy. Wow I sound like a brat lol.

  22. Honesty i think i’m pretty creative and i have a lot imagination, but yeah i have a need to be needed
    I wanna exist i just wanna be there i want people to think about me and need me

  23. I am a virgo and I have a crush on 2 boys that are both cancer and i realised that…..

    My Crush is CANCER
    My Best Friend is CANCER
    My seatmate is CANCER
    Most of the boys that like me are CANCER

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