Apple Dates Milkshake In Tamil | Apple Dates Palm Sugar Milkshake In Tamil | Gowri Samayalarai

Welcome to Gowri Samayalarai Healthy Apple Dates Milkshake recipe Instead of Sugar I have added Palm Sugar and honey Peel an apple and cut into slices Wash and soak 3 or 4 Dates in the drinking water for about 15 mins. Boiled milk 250 ml (refrigerated) Palm Sugar or you can use normal sugar Honey Add the dates to the mixer grinder Add palm sugar – 1 Tbspn Add little dates soaked water Now grind it finely Later add the apple to the finely grinded dates Grind it to a paste Add the refrigerated milk Add 1Tspn honey Add some ice cubes Now blend it finely for 2 mins. Take a refrigerated serving glass and coat the inner side with little honey Now pour the milkshake in the glass Just do topping with honey Now tasty and healthy Apple-Dates milkshake is ready Try this healthy milkshake at home and send us your feedback

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