9 Dumbest Armageddon Prophecies Ever Made

• From fortune telling chickens to Obama
being the bringer of all desctruction, We look at 9 Dumbest End Of The World Prophecies
Ever 10 – Y2K,
• In a decade where computers were beginning to become essential to everyday life, its
no surprise that the millennium bug would drive some people into hysterical panic.
• For those who didn’t live through madness of Y2K, the whole fever was caused because
computer’s calendars wouldn’t recognise the new century. This would through the machines
into an epic malfunction, banks would crash, nuclear reactors would meltdown and your child’s
head would explode. • While the Y2K bug was an actual issue,
the panic and predictions of Stone Age anarchy were just a tiny bit exaggerated. A lot of
people worked hard at fixing the bug so that you could access your GeoCities on New Year’s
Day. 9 – Charlie Manson’s Race War,
• I’m not going to tell you how to live your life but you probably shouldn’t take
end of the world predictions from a hippie psychopath too seriously.
• Everyone knows Charles Manson lead his flock to do horrible things but part of his
pitch to get them to do this was the upcoming race war. Manson predicted that African Americans
would rise up and kill the white man for slavery revenge or something
• As the United States became a bloodbath, Manson and his followers would ride out the
storm in a lost city of gold in Death Valley. Yeah…something seems really stupid about
all this. 8 – Pat Robertson’s Obama-pocolypse,
• With Obama now at the end of his presidential career and the current crop of election hopefuls,
it’s hard to understand the apocalyptic visions surrounding his election.
• Aside from the crazy “Obama is da Anti-Christ” in 2008, in 2012 media mogul and Baptist minister
Pat Robertson also predicted an Obama-pocolypse. Believing that God had told him that an Obama’s
re-election would lead to an US economic collapse, dooming the rest of the world.
• How? Why? Well who the hell knows just know Obama is bad because God told me so.
But hey there is still time for Obama to cause the end of the world before President Trump
does. 6 – The Jupiter Effect,
• Y’know when someone posts on onion article on Facebook, ranting seriously about something
that’s obviously untrue? Well this is the apocalyptic version of that.
• Two astrophysics put forward that the world would end on March 10, 1982 when all
9 planets aligned. Proposing that the alignment would cause a gravitational pull, that would
create wonderful things like solar flares and earthquakes.
• But it was actually written as a hypothetical, not based on any real factual evidence. Much
like people in the present, people in the 70’s also couldn’t fact check for shit
and believed the theory. 5 – Harold Camping’s Billboards of Doom,
• Here’s one you probably remember….only because it was plastered over almost every
billboard in the world. • Harold Camping’s rapture prophecy was
declared on thousands of billboards around the world, alerting us heathens that May 21,
2011 would be judgement day. But the world didn’t end so Camping said he’d made mistake
and that the world would actually end in October. When that date came and went, Camping retired
from making any more public prophecies which was probably for the best.
• Millions of dollars were wasted on the billboards not to mention all the tales of
congregation members selling their cars and houses to help pay for them…
4 – Jehovah’s Witness predictions, • Camping’s multiple mistaken predictions
hold no candle to the tally of rapture date predictions from the Jehovah’s Witnesses.
• It’s amazing how a group founded on its predictions could keep growing after getting
it wrong every single time. Going back to saying the world would end in 1877…then
again in 1914, 1915, 1918….you get the picture. • But of course this history of inaccuracy
hasn’t stopped the church from telling people that it definitely 100% will be happening
at some point. Ironically the watchtower society criticised Camping for getting his dates wrong…good
job guys, call out the guy who got it wrong twice but ignore the million time you have.
3 – The Black Rainbow, • Any prophecy coming from a television
psychic should be treated with a hint scepticism, even Ed Wood’s go-to fortune teller.
• Popularist psychic Criswell made many ludicrous predictions about the future including
leprosy crippling the world and the hot trend of genital decoration taking the world by
storm. So when he says the world will be enveloped by an evil black rainbow that would suck away
our oxygen. • Yeah if you bought a future where people
are walking around with glitter paint on their dicks then you were probably dumb enough to
fear the black rainbow….but it was supposed to appear in 1999 so I think we are probably
safe….probably. 2 – The Doomsday Egg,
• But maybe its people that are just terrible at predicting the end of days, maybe animals
are the true prophets? How about a chicken? • In 1806 in Leeds a woman claimed one of
her chickens was laying eggs with the words “Christ is coming” on the shell. The holy
eggs caused more than a few people in the village to lose their minds with fear. Visitors
came from all over, bearing witness to the eggs emerging from the chicken.
• But eventually the owner was caught shoving the eggs that had been written on with corrosive
ink into the chicken. Shockingly the whole thing was a hoax…probably to sell more eggs.
1 – Mayan Calendar, • Believing that the end of the world is
going to come based on ancient calendar because I don’t know ancient reasons.
• People love a good mystery and the whole disappearance of the Mayan people had many
enthralled. This mystery caused some to take anything in the culture as mystical. So when
those people found out the Mayan’s had a calendar that predicted the end of the world,
it freaked them out. • Even though the calendar never even predicted
such a thing, it made no predictions at all because y’know calendars just tell you the
date. Well at least we got a disaster porn movie out of it.

100 thoughts on “9 Dumbest Armageddon Prophecies Ever Made

  1. fucking hell the calendar didn't say that it was a apocalypse, it said that in that date, we would enter another, phase, like a new month or so

  2. Obama did collapse the economy America went into martial law and the fed bailed the us out. Crisis averted? I think not comrades all he did was left a mountain of turd for some one else to fix. On top of it all his conduct in the Middle East created power vaacums leading to the formation of Isis. Either take the blue pill or take the red pill their both available on Obama care.

  3. No information can propagate beyond speed of light. Predictions breaks this rule and if any that does comes true, we basically need to reevaluate modern physics.

  4. But the most important question for "Danger Dolans mysterious brother" is why the fuck does Dolan sound drunk in every video he has ever made?? XD

  5. Maybe it's because obamas black and people are dumb enough to say "he's black so he kill" fun fact the new 20$ bill was changed to the first black and women on a dollar and you know what the reactions were? EVERYONE BEING STUPIED RACISTS ITS JUST COLOUR OMG!!!!!

  6. I don't understand why, in the case of the Mayan calendar, it wasn't just considered 'well maybe it stops on 2012 because they figured "eh planning weekends this many thousands of years in advance is good enough for now"'. Like…maybe they just stopped adding days. Because it was already ridiculously long?

  7. I guess +Anna Marie, didn't like what i was saying. i think i finally see the problem, you assume one book has all the answers. which it doesn't even come close and it also contradicts itself quite a bit. Expand your horizon and read some more books.
    Further more, if i had to list every fossil and why its important i would be listing off hundreds of years of research, quite the tedious task that I'm not really up for, just to educate you.
    And lastly, for life to form, as we know it, on other planets it needs to be in a zone called the “Goldilocks Zone,” this rules out other planets in our solar system. Some scientists are looking at the possibility of life forming on distant planets through-out the universe, but to travel to one of those planets to try and find life would take multiple lifetimes.
    This unfortunately is as far as my email told me you wrote and there did appear to be more. Makes it really hard to talk when you shut people out… Also close minded.

  8. jehovahs witness didnt predict any date for the world to end they just say that it will come for shure and soon

  9. As a Christian, I would like to point out that the Bible says even the angels in heaven have no idea when the apocalypse is, so……

  10. I love researching all the manson stuff and watching the movies/documentaries, but when that 3rd picture of him came up i had to shield my eyes! whenever he does faces like that it creeps me out more than anything!

  11. Dumbest in my opinion was someone claimed the world would end in 2000 because if you divide that by three, you get 666. Which in a way isn't even true because it's 666.666666, so I guessed he just realized he can do that before 1998 and just wanted to claim it anyways.

  12. I am actually a Jehovah's Witness myself and I have to say that I actually have never heard anything about past armageddon date predictions. I'm not trying to deny anything, wouldn't be the first thing we had to correct ourselves on. However, nowadays we don't claim to know when the end will actually come. (As for the criticism the witnesses gave, I have to say that really annoys me. Besides, the bible says that God is the only one who knows when the end will come. How could they get something so wrong!? I'm glad the teachings have changed over time)

  13. Speaking of Armageddon. The prophecies on Revelation are unfolding. Wake up, and you'll have Enteral everlasting life.

  14. I believe the world will end on. 12/31/9999
    Cause based on logic when a clock is maxed out to 9 it swings back to zero.

  15. The mayan calendar freaked me out when i was in 6th grade. That was in 2012. In fact, when December 21st came around, at the end of the day, my teacher played "It's the end of the world and I know it". Good times, good times.

  16. the people that think Obama will cause the end of the world are stupid everybody knows that Trump the real destroyer

  17. Ok let's be honest
    Obama hasn't done a better job but
    Exactly how is he the false masih or some other shit hillbilliy Hicksters say?

  18. "Hot trend of genital decoration" erm.. yeah! There IS a crazy thing called 'vagizzle' and its less known male equivalent. Does that mean a dark rainbow is in our future?! D:

  19. Actually, the Mayans had NO end-of-the-world predictions. If they did, it would conflict w/their view that time is cyclical.

  20. 9 hackers can hack and kill us all……………7 maby………6 they do get closer and closer…………….3 maby will………..i seen a video at school saying a asteroed miss us but its coming back am 16 it will hit when am 32 vmaby will hapen…………………………………….but zombies are real stfu i seen 2 news stroyes about it here i get link

    dont want to lose this

  21. Obama couldn't be the antichrist every one likes the antichrist (no crap Catholic belief) a lot of people hated him

  22. the Mayans never disappeared they just stopped living in cities because of over population and food shortages. sorta like the dark ages in Europe, go to the Yucatan and talk to locals, still tonnes of Mayans around

  23. 7. Hahahahahahahaha… I my god… This is so much hilarious especialy sense donald trump trying becoming president is a thing. Some one hire him to be comiedian!

  24. Wait wait wait, jehovahs witnesses said the end of the world happened in 1914?

    Lies, and so was every other time. 1914 was according to them the year christ became king, not the end of the world.

  25. um excuse me, that thing about the Jehovah's Witnesses is wrong and offensive. First off they do believe the "system" (in other words the world as we know it, but not the literal world as in the earth itself) will end, but they did NOT claim those exact dates were when it would happen. if you do ANY REAL RESEARCH you would know what all those dates meant. The witnesses believe that "no one knows the day or the hour except God".

  26. 0:25 uh, look at the middle bottom of that news paper

    computerized cars came AFTER the year 2000, didn't they? (i honestly don't know cuz that year is before my birthday, but i'm using common sense plus what i remember hearing somewhere)

  27. I, sadly, believed in #1. Guess it never crossed my mind about calendars showing DATES and not PROPHECIES. (I was a dumb teen)

  28. trump may not be the most perfect candidate but he's a business man so at least he'll be good for America's massive debt lmao

  29. But wait.  Isn't it supposed to be that o human will know when Judgement Day happens?  Something like that, anyway.  You'd think a person who actually reads the bible would lay off the prophecy because of that.

  30. Too bad these idiots don't read their bible, they just shake it at homosexuals. "I will come when you LEAST expect it." Which part of least don't they understand? L, e, a, s, or the T? Thank you dummies for preventing the end times by expecting it every 2 seconds.

  31. You know you're a planet Dolan nerd when you can tell the vocal differences in Dolan and dolans mysterious brother.

  32. I'm not sure I understand dolans brothers intro, is he really saying "I'm here to blow your mind with academic research inside and other dark magic."?

  33. I remember following the whole Harold Camping dumbfuckery partly so that I could post a "cricket cricket…" comment on his YT channel on the 22nd.

  34. 10% people comments related to video
    1% memeing
    39% talking about it
    50% doing the similar as 10 and 39
    0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% – me

  35. Jehovahs witnesses did NOT believe the world was ending in 1914. They belive Christ took power in 1914 in heaven. The Bible says that no one knows the day nor the hour, and they stick by this teaching very well – ask them! Lately, I have been researching any religions from Muslim to Christians, and understanding that people post lies without doing real research. SMH

  36. Good prediction on Trump Dolins Brother. We may not be at the end of the earth but we are in trouble with him and replaican congress that dont care about the american public sadly. As we cant have life liberty or the pursuit of happiness. We dont need to spend money a muttil million dollar toilet for the miletery. Lets help the people with health. Well when the public see Trumps wrongs if he doesn't get impeached he will be gone and the Republicans should loose there seats as they don't give a damn about who the represent.

  37. for every probability (as in any fucking thing you can think of and beyond) there is a universe for it. all these Armageddon ideas, there's wtfk (who the fuck knows) many universes for it.

  38. On time at the country fair (2010) my sister and I passed this guy 'warning' people about the 2011 thing. Me and my sis are both Christians (To put it simply) and she got annoyed by what he was saying. (I was just ignoring the guy :P) SO she started talking to him. Every point he tried to make, she'd refute it instantly. He pulled out his bible and start showing her 'proof' of this. She pulled out her bible and again, instantly refuted it. She had an amazing comeback for EVERYTHING this guy said. This went on for two hours. By then they had a small crowd watching them. Finally the guy got up and said he was done talking. Just walked away. She was like, 17 at the time. XD The next day my parents and I came back. And if I remember correctly the guy hadn't returned! The guy didn't know who he was messin with. She's a three time national bible quiz champion! 😀

  39. My teacher showed us a funny little comic when we were learning about the Maya people. It goes like this:

    Maya person 1: * rolling calender wheels into a room * Hey I can only fit up to 2012 in here.

    Maya person 2: * supervising * Ha. That'll freak somone out someday.

  40. Oh, it seems Obama wasn't the Antichrist people thought him to be. Maybe we should remember a President is limited in more than just terms when it goes to presidency thanks to the check and balance systems involving ALL THREE Branches of our government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial). Because if Obama really was the anti Christ he would of found away to overcome the check-and-balance system and take complete control over the government like Hitler did in Germany. But guess what, Obama didn't.

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