7 Ways to Deal With Demonized Family Members & Jezebelic Relatives

hello everyone Jennifer LeClaire here
with you senior leader at The Awakening House of Prayer founder of the ignite
network we’re going to get into it today we’re no-holds-barred holding nothing
back we’re not going to mince words we’re not going to sugarcoat this thing
we all know that we have family members who are demonized we all know that we
have friends cousins aunties uncles third cousins twice removed that married
your second cousin Bubba I don’t know who they are
but we all know that at this time of the year when we have to gather together
whether it was a whether it’s Christmas or Thanksgiving or New Year’s parties or
Easter or how about this a family reunion whatever it is what we find it
is there’s always demonized people who’s always drunk uncle’s who say the wrong
thing don’t want to touch in ways you don’t want to be touched to kiss you on
the cheek with that bad state nasty breath demonized alcoholics we’ve got
the pothead you know cousins over here at the back just smoking up token up we
got come on now let me just get where let me just drop a truth bomb we’ve got
Jezebel mother-in-law’s or did I say that they have father laws we’ve got
jessebella cousins we’ve got Absalom Absalom we got all these people flowing
at all these demons demon oppressed demonized God hope denied people
possessed they act like they’re demon possessed I want to deal with this thing
let’s just get real how do you because I don’t want you to dread your holiday I
don’t want you to dread your family reading I don’t want you to go gives you
no dread is a cousin of fear did you know that dread is a cousin of fear I
know all about it there’s people my family dear God help
me Jesus I’d rather not be around them at all ever I’d rather send them a
postcard from my vacation in France somewhere praise God what doesn’t work
that way you cannot just shut out the world jesus said that we’re in the world
and not of the world we’re in the world but not of the world
now sell your Christian family members they can be demonized too just because
they’re Christians doesn’t mean that they can’t be a suspect or subject
that’s a giving over to the wiles of the wicked one to allow the devil to work
through their mouth to work through their mind to work through their ears to
to start strife and discord you know what nobody is above being influenced by
the demon by the devil so what do we do what do we do what are we gonna do with
this thing what are we going to do just not go to family functions well you know
that’d be the easiest thing to do but you can’t influence something you’re not
willing to confront you cannot bring the kingdom release the kingdom to something
that you are not willing to confront and so we must be able to confront these
things to speak the truth in love to speak the truth in love
I just lost my video connection here bear with me to speak the truth in love
we must be willing we must be willing we must be willing there is an appropriate
time there’s a right time to do these things my camera’s going nuts you know
what my camera does not want this truth to go out my camera is behaving in a
demonize matter we’re going for it number one what do you do what do you do
and so when your family is demonized when they’re causing trouble stirring
strife they always want to pick on you provoke you they always want to say
nasty snide remarks to you undercutting sort of subtle digs edge what do you do
what do you do when they want to bring up the past over and over and over and
over now every time you see them they’re bringing up that stuff and when you’re a
teenager that you just wish you could forget or
that grudge they hold against you they they just don’t want to let go what do
you do number one number one you go in pray it up go into the thing prayed up
go into the having prayed and prayed hard pray for
yourself pray for the grace of God to fall upon you pray for the ability to
respond in a christ-like manner pray for discerning of spirits begin to by the
spirit the Lord shows you is manifesting or it’s going to manifest through these
people you know what’s dealing you know what you’re you know what you’re
demonized relatives are dealing with you know this one always gets angry you know
this one always suffers rejection you can’t if you know if you don’t respond
to their every whim will send they’re all cast in sulk and pout in the corner
you know that this one over here has a drinking problem I did not go on he’s
he’s deceased now and and he would I had to pick him up one time he’s like take
me to the liquor store before we go to your parents I was like I don’t want to
take me to liquor store and he was angry if I were not taking it so I took every
liquor store and he just drops a skunk in a bunk but you know what it kept the
peace and this is before I was saved right now I would have taken him I
didn’t want to take him even then well we’ve all got family members who are
just troublemakers go prayed up also listen pray for them pray for them pray
for them pray for their Bible just pray for those who who use you abuse you
spiteful heed it maliciously accuse you pray for them pray for them so that you
can have a heart for God toward them kiss here’s the thing guys the Lord
loves these people the Lord loves even those who were demonized the Lord loves
those who were drunk as a skunk in a bunk the Lord loves the glow suit who
provoked the Lord loves everybody created us all he loves everybody you
need to develop a heart of love for that one so that you will be able to respond
and love to that one I’m never still number one go in prayed
up go in prayed up pray for yourself pray for them buying the spirits take
authority over go in with an awareness of God that God is with you ask the Lord
for that awareness of him number two separate the personality from the
principality separate the personality from the principality now I’m not saying
they have a principality one of them that the principle is is that you have
to separate the who from the dude you have to separate the
from the demonic influence that’s upon them that way you could love the person
and hate the devil you know the Bible says it were to love what God loves and
to hate what God hates now love is my theme throughout this thing she just
might as well get used to that love is the ultimate answer but we understand
that the Lord loves the person he hates the sin he loves that person he does not
love that spiteful behavior that stubborn behavior that provoking
behavior whatever but here’s the thing the enemy will influence our flesh and
our mind influences our mind influence our flesh
it’s a trickle-down theory he’s whispers things to our minds to influence our
flesh listen you cannot effectively combat the devil you cannot effectively
deal with demonized relatives if you’re acting like the devil if you want to get
down there on the demonic level and they start jabbing you with these little
pokes hey you remember you could never get a girlfriend in high school you
remember remember how you know how many times you’ve been in all these comments
they want to make you cannot defeat that demon as long as you are getting on that
level you don’t want to respond in kind you don’t want to give a quick jab back
you don’t want to give an underlying a subtle remark you don’t want to provoke
back don’t do it move in the opposite spirit I’ve given you more than seven
ways move in the opposite spirit always move in the opposite spirit it’s
spiritual judo separate the person from the demon realize if that person is
oppressed depressed regressed hopefully they’re not possessed
praise God if you’re a Christian you cannot be possessed by a devil but you
can be oppressed you can be influenced if you’re dealing with lost people
people that your family that are lost well they know even less there they’ve
been they’ve been blinded their minds have been blinded by Satan you acting
like them is not going to be a good witness we want to keep our witness in
times like this don’t play into the devil’s hands don’t play into the
devil’s hands number three be slow to speak be slow to speak be slow to speak
be slow to speak you got it forwards be slow to speak Jenkins 1 in
19 the Bible says you must all be quick to listen slow to speak and slow to
anger even if you’re not so slow to anger if you’re slow to speak it’ll help
you because you want express your anger in such a tumultuous way be slow to
speak when people come and juicy and double-stuff acting dumb ways just bite
your tongue if you got to get a few stitches at the hospital later is better
than open the door to the devil in your life cuz once the devil sees will
provokes you he’s going to keep doing it once the devil finds that button to push
and if it’s one of your family members you probably they probably already know
which buttons to push praise got special to someone in your
immediate family they know what buttons to push into what sequence to push them
I’ll start with this button then I’ll press this one it’s like a combination
lock they know which buttons in which order to push to get you to boil over
too few to sputter to spout and to freak out we’re not going to do that we’re
going to be slow to speak go in the other wall if you have to excuse
yourself if you need to so I’m kind of make a phone call then you’re at a
family event you want to make a phone call yes I’d like to make a phone call
to Jesus hallelujah because I need some grace to deal with you
oh gosh day number eight number four number eight is probably number eight up
giving you more than four number four a soft answer turns away wrath that’s
proverbs 15 and 1 a soft answer turns away wrath when someone does their best
shot to provoke you you know this works for office Christmas parties and office
holiday parties in office retreats as well when someone tries to provoke you
don’t allow yourself develop see and the Bible just said don’t allow yourself to
be agitated don’t allow yourself to be anxious it’s the same thing we have week
well heinous makes me mad no he’s saying things they give you the opportunity to
be that way just defense yes he’s offensive but you don’t have to
be offensive you don’t have to choose to be offended you don’t have to allow
yourself to be provoked no one can listen no one can make you feel any
which way you are in charge of how you feel
nobody can make you why you made me feel bad no you allow the devil to twist my
words to make you feel bad well you just you just made me feel bad myself no I
didn’t make you feel bad about yourself you already feel bad about yourself so
therefore you’re filtering my comments through your own
broken fractured soul and through the lens of rejection nobody is responsible
for your motions but you you have the you have self-control that’s one of the
fruits of the spirit did you know that Galatians 6 we started lately adulation
is 5 1 of the fruits of the Spirit is self-control meekness patience kindness
long so come on numbers number number 5 and here’s the big one especially if
you’re dealing with Jezebel especially if you’re dealing with Jessica don’t
value the manipulation yet we all have family members that want to manipulate
us they want to manipulate us they want to pull our strings sometimes they do it
through flattery sometimes they do it through a guilt if somebody that’s
operating in rejection what they do is you know if you confront them on
something they’ll sit in the corner and pout or they’ll fly off the handle get
angry and this is a way to manipulate use of the tool confront something
there’s there’s a time to confront something the Tollison the time is not
when you’re sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner the time is not when you’re
sitting down to open Christmas presents the time is not when the clock is about
to strike 12 and you’re about to say Happy New Year the time is not when at
the family reunion and they’re about to you know to make all the great
testimonies that that is not the time but there is a time to confront a thing
when it’s the time when the Holy Ghost tells you to
but don’t bow to the manipulation you don’t have to bow to something you
cannot listen bow the Holy Spirit some other spirit at the same time can’t do
it what if what is my mom is she’s making me she wants me to come home for
and help her well if you can go help or you should go
your mother but if you’re already obligated and it to help somebody else
too if you’ve already visiting somebody in the hospital if you’ve already got a
a turkey in the oven or whatever you’re doing cooking you got a bunch of things
on the stove you have to tell your mom look mom I got stuff on the stove I’ll
be there when I can but now but don’t don’t let people guilt and shame you
don’t let people manipulate you be honorable but don’t bow to the pressure
don’t about when someone wants to put ungodly pressure on you look if somebody
says yeah we’d like you to go to Disney you shit-hot top and they said I don’t
want to go well you know you can ask them once you once or twice what when
they say no let it be don’t be like oh but you know it’s not gonna be the same
without you there and I just don’t you know we’re just not gonna go if you know
don’t do all that stuff but don’t let people do it to you either amen
number six walk in love what the world needs is a fiery red-hot love walk see
Jesus died on the cross for sinners he was all across when you know the thief
on one side of him he was mocking him and the sinner on the other side
received him Jesus died for sinners you’ve not yet resisted he per said you
have not yet resisted to the point of shedding blood you’ve not yet resisted
your demonized relatives to the point of resisting blood just show love let your
light shine be a living epistle just kill him what kind smile mom taught me
that kill them with kindness there’s a story my mom told me during Thanksgiving
or my dad so my mom told me during Thanksgiving time and there was this
woman and she just really really really could not stand her mother at all from
Allah was bossy her mother-in-law was was was over burying her mother-in-law
was manipulative and controlling her mother law was just like the
stereotypical horrible mother-in-law and she went to this there in China she
would you this for a bliss and she said listen I want to kill my mother-in-law
she’s a wickedness which and I want you to give me some
kind of poison because i’ma kill her and and and the medicine man said okay I’m
gonna give you this but you’ve got to give it to her just a little bit by a
little bit by a little bit by a little bit by a little bit just give a little
the time that way will be traceable no one will ever know how it happened if
you give her too much at once you got to give it to her you know over the next
like three months three or four months and he come back if it hasn’t worked
I’ll give you some more and so she did that he said in the meantime I want you
to as part of this so that no one suspects anything
no one will ever suspect it was you and when it ever was suspect but you had
anything to do with her die for her death because you know right now
everyone knows you hate her and you know they’d be the first one if they expected
any foul play they knew you’d be the one they looked at so I want you to just be
as nice as you can serve her everything she tells you to do just do it just bite
your tongue to do it because it’s only gonna be a few months he’ll be rid of
her you won’t feel this way anymore after a few months that this this this
behavior will be gone she goes okay you’re sure it’s gonna work this is
gonna poison her he’s gonna just do I say so she gave her that you know and
her team just seized special herbs every day for months and she also was kind she
honored her she walked in humility and it was about the two and a half month
mark and she went back to the Chinese medicine man she says you got to do
something you got to give me something that’s gonna restore her life I don’t
want my mother bought it to die anymore I love her she she’s the one most
wonderful woman in the world and she’s so awesome and I love her I don’t wanted
it up it he said I never gave you anything that was poison what I did was
I gave you a recipe for honor and love and in you’re honoring her and loving
her and and serving her you have grown and and praying for her that was one of
the parts you’ve grown to love her and she is going to love you see so many
times with our family members we just have to to really show the love of
Christ just really really within everybody really but you know who better
to start with it with your family right if you can’t love your family who’s your
own flesh and blood how you love the world amen
and there’s one more decontaminates yourself if you blow it
if you act it out repent ask the Lord to forgive you if you blew it
you lot yell I just have to be provoked you acted like an idiot
repent also bind retaliation bind word curses decontaminate yourself from being
in the presence of you know all these spirits that try to what they were
provoking you attacking you manipulating you trying to control you just
decontaminate yourself I’m going to show you how to do that I’m going to show in
that kind of prayer and I’m gonna pray for you have the grace to deal with your
demonized family members in just a minute
listen if you want to learn how to go deeper in prayer I want to mentor you in
prayer and intercession this program starts – January the 3rd we’re almost to
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donate there’s five different ways to give we make it easy for you we don’t
want to hinder you from obeying the holy amen now I want to pray for you father I
think for the anointing of the Spirit of God I thank you all that you give us the
grace to walk in love the grace to walk in humility the grace to walk as living
epistles of Christ lord help us Lord to not respond or react in an ungodly
manner but help us to respond and react according to well WWJD what would Jesus
do help us Lord to to be those who are slow to speak slow to enter who refuse
to bow to manipulation who refused about a guilt and shame and to understand when
is the time to confront a thing help us court not to tolerate Jezebel
someone listening to me and you you’ve got it there’s just like a clan of
Jezebel’s in your family whenever you go to a holiday thing it’s like it’s like
it you feel like they’ve already been talking about you they’ve already been
conspiring against you it’s because they have because they don’t like the Spirit
of God in you but you are gonna rise up you’re gonna pray for them and one of
them listen this is for somebody one of them is gonna be sick when you get there
if you’ll extend your faith and pray for that one that’s sick they’ll be healed
and the other ones will begin to see that Jesus is alive some of them already
Christians but they’ve got that Jezebel ik influence and that could be a real
turning point your whole family I don’t know who I’m talking to but you’re gonna
know email me on my office if that was you info Jennifer LeClaire.org I’ve got
to go I’ve got to go to church if you want to be part of our eCampus for the
awakening house your prayer go to a hot dot online and you’ll find me there
bless you

100 thoughts on “7 Ways to Deal With Demonized Family Members & Jezebelic Relatives

  1. I LOVE YOUR TEACHINGS! The Lord sure does separate us from the ungodly, even our kin folks. That's why I believe that the Lord moved me to another state, away from my siblings who don't know the Lord, so I will not go to gatherings, because it's the counsel of the wicked. My only and true family are the righteous-in-Christ. Jesus said, …"no prophet is accepted in his own country'". (Luke 4.24). I'm sure that you know the revelation of this scripture, meaning that we will not be accepted in our own hometown, where we grew-up.

  2. I agree and receive in Jesus Christ name for myself and my son and my daughter and my fiancee and all my and their friends and all our sons and daughters and our brothers and sisters and our mothers and and fathers and our elders in Christ amen.I thank you in advance God. Praise the Lord.

  3. What a lesson I learned today, speaking to me directly. May the Almighty God abundantly bless you, in Jesus's mighty name. Amen!

  4. Thank you Jennifer. Be encouraged, the Truth is spoken. Not all will agree at this time. About two years ago, someone came to visit me to be angry and do witchcraft because she and her friend did not agree with our church. I invited her to hear her out without fear. As you mentioned i was prepared, praying for our Lord Jesus be glorified and for peace and joy and mercy released in the atmosphere. Awareness of His presence in me and around me. So she came huffing and puffing, angry and judgmental. Listened and told her am sorry you feel that way then invited her to a snack that i specially made for them. She loved it so much and said that she felt so honored and loved. Next thing i know she starts calling me a prophet as she is. I said i am not, am just a servant of God loving on her. She totally put away what she planned and asked my hubby and i to pray for her and her friend and spoke the truth in love. She ended staying over for 4 hours and didn’t want to leave because she felt so much peace and love.
    I met up with her per chance months later and she was so nice and respectful saying she felt so loved. God is able to make all things work for the good of those that love God. There is nothing is impossible for God.
    I pray and believe one day she will grow into the identity and nature of God our Father. When she left we just gave praise and thanksgiving to God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ. Praying for all of us for wisdom and spiritual understanding to become love.

  5. Thank God for you Pritchett I've gone through already like 10 preachers on possession you know I mean let's just get down to the nitty-gritty I'll let you know everybody's dancing around this you know I made these these demons have no place to go that's what the problem is I remember when Jesus cast a demon out and use it in the Demons of Jerome I need to go somewhere and cast him into the pigs went into the water that's what it is these demons have no place to go they have to be but they have to I need to go into a body oh Jennifer it's just something that I have put off all my life I was 65 on the 26th of this month and I have so much dysfunction in my family and was not supposed to marry my husband but I did anyways but that's because I was young and dumb thank you

  6. How can I get my grown Daughter to stop cursing me?? It's a constant battle with her. She has 2 children over 18 years old and if I say anything to her and try to confront her, then I am mocked and cursed and she starts talking trash about me to other family members. I usually cut contact wit her and then she will want me to pick her daughter up at school or some other excuse. She lives 10 minutes from me and never just calls to check on me or see how I am doing..it's always about her..Yesterday, I confronted her about staying in daily contact with my sister, which lives 4 hours away and they have daily conversations about my other daughter, her sister. I told her she was a busybody and she needed to pray for her sister and stop gossiping and comparing notes and to keep our family business private. She went nuts of course and referred to me as being evil. Pray for my family.

  7. Excellent information. It is the demons in them that have been attacking me for years. They turned my daughter against me. But I do my share of sulking in the corner so you convicted me so much. I stay away from these people for 30 years for the most part. I should be praying for them. I saw them 2 years ago Thanksgiving and Christmas and it was awful, but I should be praying for them. Thank you as you helped me see my part in it. I read your devotional every day tor years. You are powerful speaker as well as writer.

  8. There is only ONE WAY GET THE FUX AWAY FROM THEM AS FAST AS POSSIBLE AND MAKE SURE to never deal with them again…that's the only way..

  9. hurt after hurt after hurt no way. sometimes you just have to move on even when it hurts. God knowns the heart and what is best. what may work for most may not work for all.

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  12. I have witnessed a demon hopping from a homeless man into my husband multiple times. This demon used my husband's body as a tool to do many destructive things to me. The first thing it did was cause him to take $60,000 out of our bank account and place it into another bank account at another bank. He never once asked me to place my name on this new account. When I confronted him about it, he acted confused and bewildered. I demanded he put that money back into our joint account. He did. But since this happened, he has been possessed off and on a half or so dozen times.

    I know it is possession because of the paranormal things he does. Once I was in the kitchen making a sandwich. I glanced out of the back door and saw him in the back yard. I turned to go to the sink. Seconds later, I turn back around to see him coming down the stairs as though he was on the second floor. Another time we were out by the St Johns River. I drove in my car and he drove in his. Although, he didn't drive as close to the river as I did. He told me he would walk back to his car as we were leaving. While standing beside my car, he began walking away from me. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed he veered to the right of the path. This area is nothing but brambles and swamp land. Then he simply disappeared. When I called his name, I heard his voice from up in the air. I turned back to my car for a second. When I turned back around, he was right where he had started to walk. He had a snarky grin on his face when I asked him what happened. He simply denied veering off the path and lied about it. Lies are a common occurrence with him. It's almost like he has to lie to me. I sense he enjoys telling me untruths. It happens almost all the time he is possessed.

    I've been with this man for over 16 years. I know his mannerisms, how he talks, walks, laughs, cries, etc. When he is possessed, the demon tries to mimic him. But I know the difference. This thing has posssessed my mother, my neighbor, the homeless man I mentioned earlier and others around me. THIS is where the demon can be very destructive and dangerous for anyone. I was no match for this thing. Today, we are missing over $200,000 out of our bank account. I suspect the demon has managed to take it in little increments. I don't know what to do. I am a Jesus Christ believing Christian as of today. And I've begged God to protect us from it. But it is still happening. No one believes me. I am alone in this. And I don't know what to do about it.

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  15. Dear Jennifer: i have been attacked by jezebel in my stepmother and my sister all my life..please advise..i am weary.

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    as long as theyre "good human beings" i see no reason to not get along with people who smoke weed or do drugs as long as they dont spread them around or do them in front of children.

    that being said i wanted to know how to deal with being unjustly demonized by others and marked as "the bad one" for life.
    im an artisan you see, so my family absolutely hates what i do and i cant do anything to ever break their conception of me being an "incompetent human being"
    artisan are not very trendy in todays world but upon a time with chisel and hammer we build the world of man.

  26. I just wanna be quiet. But mom always know which button to push… She keep asking unecessary things, whatever things that cause me to answer her, but actually nothing is necessary. I know its the devil that wanna trapped me by answer back. When i answer her, i feel some evil thing being transferred to me from her… Or suddenly my energy sucked up… But if i dont answer each time she ask me, i am not honoring her. And thats not only my mom. My dad full with angerrr… Like to bullied me… And my sis in law and my brother like to make me feel guilty ….GOSH. ONLY JESUS STILL MAKE ME STAND TILL TODAY…. LORRRDDD HELP MEEEEEEE😭

  27. Jennifer LeCrapartist LeClair is harboring Legion within and has zero understanding of scripture. Stupid stupid woman. Please read 1 Corinthians 15 1 4 and Ephesians 1 13.

  28. Jennifer, I believe that’s me. I’ve a trip coming up mid October to visit family. I’m a Seer & my new friend (tandem of 2 with synergy) is also a Seer. She just had a dream last night that we believe means a sudden “turning of corner” so to speak will happen with my stepfather. He is so under demonic influence but, he is in the hospital & will be when I’m there. I believe this a key for me right now. Her dream gave the message that I would have an assignment that would be intimidating but will actually be quite easy. This is all coming together.

  29. I went to the Jefferson Davis Beauvoir Home in Biloxi, Mississippi during the late summer of 2011. I believe a person with me got possessed, she acts like a demon is in her ever since.

  30. i live with my dad, and he does things that irritate me..when he does i do bring up the past but only as a reminder to what haapmed last time to prevent a situation from going out of control…..the kind person that cases you to get in anger and then tells you that you have unforgiving heart.

  31. My hole family  are DEMONIZED..U standing and telling me my Life omg help me God….they dont like  me walking with Christ they mock me

  32. I did all these things for years. I choose not to engage with Jezebel at all any more. My niece and grand niece can visit me any time they like 😀

  33. God bless you all. Great teaching but I must say everyone has a different story…..to what extent because God desires one to live, I literally done all what said in this video my whole life and I can not express the words but if it had not been for Jesus alone…. Everything thing is not universal

  34. the funny part of it is, when you don't fall for their provocations, they instead get really mad at you for not getting angry with them. I tried No. 1(prayed with all my faith and added fasting) with my husband's family after GOD bringing a lot of revelations about them to me in 2018…instead I got a disturbing revelation this year in May now I have left everything to GOD since when I tried to talk to them about salvation thru Jesus Christ, they get really angry (saying I pretend to know more and want to always teach them… I guess i was doing it the wrong way) . No.2 helped us a lot with my Dad coz we knew how great he was when we were growing up, we chose to ignore the demonic influence in him….i guess the demons show it boring to stick around so they left our Dad all for us within few months…unfortunately the same method (No.2) didn't work for my mum since we discovered in 2014 till now she is still weird…We have left that to God also.

  35. So I feel I have been saved very recently. Ive been getting closer to God through prayer and thoughts and I can say I’m no longer feeling depressed amongst many other negative things. However I live in a house where my mother in law also lives (and no this isn’t me being the usual MIL hater) but seriously she is full of demons. She has so many “religious” things in her room, she does magic (candles for certain purposes) in her room (magic to bring a lover to her), she is catholic and believes in horoscopes, white magic, worshipping saints, her ways of treating people can be passive aggressive, she has health issues she ignores and isn’t considerate of how it affects others, never apologizes for things said and done, etc etc. She admits she doesn’t know the Bible and she simply follows traditions. The THING IS: it’s becoming more and more difficult for me to live in peace while she’s here. As soon as I see her, I feel annoyed and just upset. I could be happy all day and all of a sudden she’s in front of me and all the happiness vanishes. Pray for me and my husband and son! She also tries to tell them to bow down to a saint statue in the home. Blasphemy! In JESUS name I pray for our family and home 🙏🏻

  36. 9“As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love. 10If you keep My commandments, you will abide in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commandments and abide in His love.
    11“These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full. 12This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. 13Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. 14You are My friends if you do whatever I command you. 15No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you. 16You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, that whatever you ask the Father in My name He may give you. 17These things I command you, that you love one another.

  37. What if the church pastor , his wife and the main leaders are under control of Jezebel and Ahab ? I used to attend this church but now I can’t worship god under their leadership,
    Am I wrong?
    Please let me know what to do .

  38. Hi young lady ! I was thinking you were probably a another struggling voice on YouTube. God has truly blessed you young lady ! The enemy is losing. Psalms 37 is being fullfilled !

  39. Gud message. Me from India.This Msge (sound) comparitively not much clear…lil bit echo n it will be betr if u reduce speed…
    plz pray for ma son Daniel paul to b saved. like Apostle paul he must hv an encounter from Jesus himself.. at the earliest…or this coming year……since 3 years I have been praying for him. ..

  40. We are not obligated nor should we feel pressured into going to get-to-togethers with those who oppose us and who hate God….even if it's family (We have to be led by the Spirit). We can still love them and let our light shine without putting ourselves in harms way unless God gives us the go ahead to felliwship. Let the Lord be your guide. 💒📖🎤🙏

  41. It all depends on the situation…Each case is unique.
    2 Corinthians 6:14-17….
    14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?
    15 And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?
    16 And what agreement hath the temple of God with idols? for ye are the temple of the living God….
    17 Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord….

  42. 19 Now Jesus’ mother and brothers came to see him, but they were not able to get near him because of the crowd. 20 Someone told him, “Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to see you.” 21 He replied, “My mother and brothers are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice.” Luke 8:19-21

  43. “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life.” Matthew 19:29.

  44. yes..my brother is like devil..farther too..sisters too..mom denie too truth..i have let them a Farther..i cant do els but love them..ewen they hate Jesus..

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