3 Easy Beading Pearl and Crystal Bangle Style Bracelets

Hey guys, today im going to show how to make the 3 bracelets you can see from my thumbnail photo. With the sterling silver tube beads, they look like bangles in some way. It’s super easy to make them. I will talk about all the tips as well. Im going to use 4mm Swarovski crystal bicone and rondelle in crystal ab colour, This is size 6mm it’s really stunning. 4mm and 6mm Swarovski pearls (I only used 6mm pearls in this video), 3mm Swarovski crystal bicone, and the sterling silver tube beads. They help me to get a bangle look for my designs today. Im going to use this stretchy crystal string, so we don’t need to add clasp or jump ring. you see its quite elastic, is that strong enough? i will try to break it with my hands, they are quite strong. I used the other crystal string in my previous videos, they are not really stretchy but its very thin, so we can have more complicated designs. Use the elastic string to measure my wrist, give some extra to make knots in the end. Cut it, I really recommend to do beading designs with this beading board, very convenient. I will start with one straight silver tube, followed by 2 pieces of 3mm Swarovski bicone beads in crystal AB colour, then place a 6mm Swarovski pearl in cream rose colour, followed by another 2 pieces of 3mm crystal bione beads. Then we finished the first section, just copy this section til get the right length, here make a knot, use one finger press the knot then make a second knot, later i will hide the knots, because the string is quite elastic, we need to make sure the knots are tight enough, make sure the knots will not loosen, then cut the extra string put the knots inside the tube, you see it’s quite easy. We’ve finish the first one. It looks simple. We can layer up all the simple designed bracelets. If i use the other crystal string with clasp and jump ring, then i can make a necklace, It’s what i was wearing for my last makeup tutorial. Let’s see the second one, start with the a curved tube, followed by a 3mm Swarovski bicone crystal, then a 6mm pearl, and another 3mm crystal bead, just copy this section , use exactly the same way to make knots and hide the knots, so we’ve finished the second one. It’s quite a classic style. Then let’s see the third design. start with a 4mm crystal bicone bead, followed by 6mm pearl, then a stunning rondelle crystal, so just follow this, one pearl next to one rondelle crystal, and finish with a 4mm crystal bicone, this length is good for my wrist size, then place a curved tube, and a 4mm crystal bicone, to see my design clearly, i will do the other side, so i will know when should it be finished. I’ve got right length, make the same knots and hide them inside the tube, so It’s the third one. Hope you guys like today’s designs, thank you so much for watching I will see you next time xoxo

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