11 Things Every Virgo Will Relate To

(suspenseful music) – Ooh, he’s cute! – He is kinda cute, huh? What’s his sign though? Uhh, Sagittarius. Nevermind, they’re fucking crazy! – I’m a Sagittarius. – Yeah, I know and you’re fucking crazy. Oh, Jasmine, I hate that scarf on you. – (scoffs) Rude. – I’m not being rude,
I’m just being a friend! You look crazy, like a bunny! – Well your shirt’s fucking ugly. (gasps) – Oh my… Are you a mouth breather? – So, I was out last night
and I saw your ex-boyfriend. – Shut up.
– [Girl] Kissing this guy. Yeah. I just, I don’t know. – I’m sure he was ugly. I’m sure they’re both ugly. Happily ugly every after together. And then she fucking said that she saw him in West Hollywood, kissing some guy. (sobs loudly) – I’m so sorry. Your clearly better off without him. – He’s ugly right? – Oh, you’re so much better, looking. – He’s a potato. – He’s a potato person. – You know Crystal, you
should never post more than three photos a day on Instagram. You can lead a horse to water. You know what I heard, if a bird shits on you, it’s good luck. – Curly, this is my desk. – Oh, well I guess it is your desk.

100 thoughts on “11 Things Every Virgo Will Relate To

  1. Virgo is sometimes confused received compliment from other. "How to respond to compliment without being too much…? "

  2. As i virgo i always spot things that i don't like but i am not rude i keep them for myself except sometimes i just have to talk😂

  3. I’m a Virgo and I hardly related to anything at all in this video.. once again giving me belief that all that astrological stuff isn’t real lmao

  4. Can't wait to make virgo friends in the comments and have a virgo group chat. (Idk why I said tbh. I'm a mess).

  5. To all the virgos in the comments. OUR BIRTHDAYS ARE COMING SOOOON OoOoOoOoOooo
    (Not saying I have the best birthdays buuut THEY'RE SOON)!!!!!!

  6. 1:33 so true actually, in kindergarten people would come to me and ask me for advice and i would help fix problems and conflicts 😂

  7. Something happened to me like in 0:19 my friend said she hates virgos and then I said I’m a Virgo and we started laughing

  8. i was like “um i’m a different kind of virgo” and then 2 seconds in i was like “ha ha… i do that” BRUH MOMENT

  9. the endless rearrangement of things to make them perfect is so true lol, and i can't help but want to neaten other peoples things too.. >< as a kid i would always neaten everything in the aisles at grocery stores and put everything where it's meant to be while my mum was shopping

  10. I can relate to pretty much all of these except that I am not flat out rude to people, you know? But, I speak as honest as I can.

  11. I am a Virgo and I exposed and screamed at too many people and in group projects I am a perfectionist and I am the only one who works, gets everything done and helps everyone gets a high score and I makes me mad af. And I can offend people easily by not even knowing it and I Have a nickname for having no emotions like wtf

  12. Don’t ever double cross a Virgo!!! Good luck!!!! If you pisses offfff ohhhh Lord have mercy on you..don’t lie to us!!! We know the truth!!! If you do us wrong You will be a ghost from that moment!!! If your a true friend we will do anything and beyond for you… we have a good heart just don’t f… with us. We can be a little cray Craig but no harm. We do talk a lot of shit tho…. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 talk about being a perfectionist ugh it’s annoying at times but that’s how we are. Neat freaks and everything perfect. We are the best… freaky people tooo… closet freaks !!!!🤣 thank me later !! 😜👅🤣

  13. One reason some Virgo like being along, maybe why l do not go churches, Being right is hard. The truth hurt, please do not ask me what l think about your hair, l will tell you. Then worry about my words all day, then l look at my own hair and think it look bad as yours. The problem of being a Virgo.

  14. Most of the time when I think of something funny I don't say it because it's just messed up, and I always be roasting people in my head.

  15. I’m a Virgo, of course. I am too critical of others and especially myself but I keep my thoughts to myself usually and try to work on myself. I love to think of creative ways to make a point of insult someone if they deserve it and then think of how they might come back at me. I know, that’s strange. Lol! For a Virgo: I’m sorry, my sentence structure and grammar is a mess. 😂

  16. I just want to create a virgo group chat where we all just talk about ourselves, cause let's be honest, ppl always think we bragging or showing off when we talk about ourselves and they just don't understand us. It's so…ahhhhhh!

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