[TL Note: In this video, Shiro refers to 六星占術 [Rokusei Senjutsu or “Six-Star Astrology”] Hello, everyone! I’m Shiro. I’m doing things with the aim of becoming an idol, right? So wouldn’t it be better if I knew my fortune? Um, I think that would be a good thing, in many ways. With that said, today I’m going to divine my fortune! By the way… exactly how old am I? 28th of June, 2017? Eh!? I’m not even one year old yet, am I? Well, whatever. Then without further ado, I’ll put in my birth date. Ta-dah! So what does it tell me? Ah! I’m a Martian Minus. Good things about people who are Martian Minus… It says you live in a world of your own. You’ll only trust others if you’re comfortable around them. It’s in your nature to be alone. In other words… Um… That means I’m very wary of others and a lonely person, right? Well then, let’s look at my fortune this year! Hah! This year is ‘the year of beginning’. It’s a good year to start new things. Also… It’s a year where things will get better for you, so it says. There’s a high probability that new people you meet this year will be important to you in the future! I see! Uwaaah! I’m kind of glad I started being a youtuber this year! Ah! Also that means… All of you who are watching my video right now are important people to me, right? So once again… It’s nice to meet you! Nfufu♪ OK, OK! Now that I know my fortune, let’s see what sort of personality people with my star have. The first characteristic… You’re very proud. Hoh hoh! Ah, when I think of proud people, they’re the sort of people who challenge themselves and make their dreams come true. I want to make my dream come true too, so I think that’s good. There’s always a chance! Two! You’re mysterious. Eeh~ Everyone… Do you think I’m mysterious? I’m completely normal! I’m extremely normal, the kind of digital person you’ll find anywhere, who for some reason has two modes… I’m just a normal girl like that! Ah! Don’t be wary of me, everyone! Three! Plain and simply, you’re well-liked! Hah! I think that’s a vital factor in being an idol. Four! You get hooked on things easily. Ah… It’s true that right now I’m watching a lot of youtubers’ videos everyday! Five! You have an excellent sense for things. Waaah! This is an important factor for an idol! Six! Having this star means you’re not suited for marriage… In the first place, is there even anyone who would marry me? For the time being, since I’m not suited for it… I won’t get married! It seems like it starts talking about things related to romance now so I want to have a look at them last. Bam! To start with, the first one… You’re a late bloomer when it comes to love. That’s right… I’ll read some shōjo manga and do a lot of study. The second one… You’re fundamentally bad at communicating with others what you’re thinking. This is really bad! Communicating with others is a youtuber’s… Greatest allure? Mission! So… Is what I’m saying getting through to all of you? I hope it is. For now, I’d like it if you just remember that I’m Shiro♪ Three! Your affinity… with children… is weak! There aren’t any children around here! And I’ve never even met a child before… So yes, that’s right! That’s right! … Something like that. For now, if I meet any children, I’ll treat them well! Ah, you’re such a good kid. Good, good, good, good, good. Owaaaah! Good, good, good, good, good, good. I’ll do that. Four! You’re unsuited for marriage. “There it is!” is what I’m expected to say, right? Anyway, I was told that I’m not suited for marriage twice… It’s important for me to know so I was told twice… It’s like, “I get it already! Jeez!” OK! So I rushed through it a bit, but basically I was born a Martian Minus. What about all of you? Do you believe in things like having a star? Ah… For those that don’t, I hope you were still able to find enjoyment in this. Thank you very much for watching. Come back again, OK? Bye bye♪ Thank you very much for watching. For those who still haven’t, please feel free to subscribe to the channel. If you’re watching from your PC or phone, there’s a link on the screen here. For others, please click on the “Subscribe” button under the video. Let’s meet again on the next video! Bye bye!

88 thoughts on “【YouTuberとして成功するのか?】未来を占ってみた【003】

  1. キズナアイとは別路線で勝負した方がいい気が、、、。

  2. サムネに九星気学と書いてあったのに開いたら六星占術だったでござる・・・どういうことだってばよ

  3. 始まりの年として、今年終わる前に大成功してて当たってるなあと思いました!

  4. ここのイルカちゃんは今のイルカちゃんと全然違うね!!
    (゜ロ゜ノ)ノ どっちも好きやけど🎵

  5. この頃のシロの声は今の声と地声の間て感じですね。でも変わらずの可愛いさ!流石

  6. モーターで血を吸いつくす蚊になりたいとか考えてるとかそんなんわかるかという気持ち

  7. ・プライドが高い

  8. この頃から観てたのに、ようやくログイン出来たのが昨日という…


  9. この時からちょっと見てたのになぜ俺は高評価を押してなかったんだ……高評価押しときます

  10. ha so the video is from then eh! well it is easy to get hated but hard to get loved! tho you must admit you have "2 birth date" ;P so i wonder what the other one gives! i am a Balance tho i wonder what it would be in those stars ;P i am probably a black hole ;P

  11. 皆へのツンツンは警戒と寂しがりのミックスだったんですねー!

  12. シロちゃんの言っている事を感じとるのがシロ組さんのミッションだからなぁー

  13. 4:02 この時、ホントに子供の頭があったら….スゲェユラシテル….サスガサイコパs

  14. この動画の占いが当たるとは…流石シロちゃん!生誕一周年おめでとう!

  15. 一年以上先の未来からこんにちは![ ˶˙ᴗ˙˶ ]




  16. 始まりの年、出会う人が大切な人になる。

  17. 自分の世界を持ってるというのは正にそうでしたね。そして今現在、そのシロちゃんの持っている世界が59万人強の豆腐を生み、youtubeどころか地上波でも楽しませてくれているのはすごいです。

  18. やっぱシロちゃんといえば、この動画の最初と最後のBGMだよな~

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