कन्या राशि 2020 राशिफल | Kanya Rashi 2020 Rashifal in Hindi | Virgo Horoscope 2020 | Suresh Shrimali

Namaskar audience, I am Suresh Shrimali welcome to my special episode where we will find out how the year will progress for the Virgo natives in 2020. You just need to understand that your wishes will be fulfilled 2019 has nearly got over and 2020 is knocking at our door We are excited with the New Year as every New Year brings with in new expectations. new dreams Hopes of getting better than ever, and dreams to live happily of life ahead that’s why there is a turmoil in mind to know how the coming year will be and what will be the changes this eagerness draws a person to astrology because this is the only way to understand the mathematics of planets and constellations, which can look into the possibilities of your upcoming life. Let us first talk about the personality of all our dear Virgo natives. Usually these people are very clean hearted they are the same from inside as well as outside and trust others very quickly They have the qualities of both men and women. Many times, when they are male, they have qualities like women and women have mild qualities like men. It is commonly seen that these people can also be seen as a symbol of honesty whatever work is assigned to them, they manage, plan and organize them properly and in a systematic manner if they are not disturbed in between, then they can do very good research very honestly too But if you disturb them like you have given the car and you have kept the steering in your hand or if you are sitting there, then they are unable to work properly Management, planning, organizing and implementing it with discipline is an inborn quality by birth of such people They are excellent speakers, good talkers, they can give good advice with their creative ideas and can work better for the people. So you can trust them. But they live in the dilemma for too much time So you can trust them. But they live in the delimma for too much time, what decision to take and what not to take or it would have been better if I had said that or I should have given this answer, they remember it later. This is definitely an issue These people do a lot of work for others but cannot get someone to do their work. Many times they regret in their lives that someone else is benefitting the fruits of their labor But you will have to bear with it as God has sent you as a Virgo native. Now let’s talk about how your career and business will be in 2020 This year has brought progress for you in terms of work The of the year could be good, there could be some changes in the job such as being a department change, doing a job with another person, change of boss, challenge and more responsibility or get a new job. In the beginning of the year the sign aspect of Jupiter is on 10th house which is making way for progress in business, that is, wherever you are doing the job, with your creative ideas, your hard work, your employer’s company, be it any field will progress and therefore you will progress too But the work will also be good if it is your own business Suppose if you are doing business then it will profitable for you, during this period you can start a new job or start a business If you do it in partnership, business will be much better, otherwise you can do it alone, but in partnership, you have to keep in mind that it is important to match the horoscope As, if we get married, we compare the horoscope of the life partners. In the same manner if you do business then for profits, the partners horoscope is matched. You will definitely benefit from the partnership and you can move forward in it You will definitely benefit from the partnership and you can move forward in it. At the same time, for those people who are employed, there are signs of changing jobs at the beginning of the year. If it does not happen, then between 30 March and June, chances increase further. If this happens, after 19 September, when Rahu will transit, there will be again chances of a job change between September and December You should maintain close connections with all people and stay in silent mode as you will not benefit from speaking too much as it will hurt your progress. Your work will be appreciated and you will reach a higher pedestal in the eyes of the boss. Just read some good books, have a pleasant mood, keep your desk neat and tidy so that there is a good environment around you, keep a flower vase, a potted plant or some nice rose flowers, paint a beautiful color, always try to make the environment around you positive. Then see how people follow you. But people will not understand your progress, they will feel that you are very arrogant and they will also jealous of you, envy you but let them do so. After 30 March, Rahu in the 10th house will bring you progress suddenly and may make long journeys. There will be an increase chances of meeting some people in high position, deal with good businessman or get a good contract due to contacts. Due to Saturn’s sign aspect and influence of Saturn on the 7th house you could get a good opportunity to work with a big company or a good position So take care of one thing, which I have understood in my life, that enter the character of the person required for your task you are performing Do not make the dining table an office table nor a office table into a dining table Like, I am also doing episodes so I will not concentrate on anything other than this episode. I just have to speak what is on my mind and to my own audience. Apart from this, I do not remember anything else as I am inside this character. You too, concentrate on what you are doing and see the miracle Now let’s talk about the finances of all our Virgo natives For quite some time, you have suffered from money getting stuck, loss, deception, expenses, debt, no money saved due to Saturn’s sojourn. Now since 24 January this sojourn is ending. This year will be favorable from the economic point of view, as compared to 2019. you will earn money but will also spend a lot Those expenses will be spent on things like mother, building, amenities, land, vehicles, foreign travel, clothes and jewelry and if you get pleasure by spending that then you should definitely do it. But be careful while shopping. Most people spend 25 % to 30 % on unnecessary items. Along with sudden wealth gains, you will recover money which was previously stuck and money will be recovered Do not lend money to anyone in the middle of the year, between 30 March 30 and June, otherwise it will not come and the chances of getting stuck will increase further. If you want to invest money in any business, a systematic investment plan, in a property, or invest in a long-term share investment or recurring deposit, then you will get benefits. But be prudent Big traders or small traders can start their new business and invest in it From 30 March to June, there will be gains in property speculation, stock market, gambling, lottery or any good property deal. You are going to earn a lot of money. After June, Jupiter will go to Sagittarius, after which you can do a property related or any big deal. From September to December, you will suffer in financial matters, there may be loss of money, at that time you will definitely have to be alert. Now let’s talk about family and friends. From a family perspective, this year will move from mixed results to betterment. In the beginning of the year, Jupiter in the 4th house will organize peace activities, some yagya-puja recitations, religious events in the family and maybe you could become pregnant and if you are a male then, your wife, there could be arrival of new guests, your grown up children could have children, arrival of a daughter-in-law, that is the chances of the arrival of new guests will increase greatly but at the same time Venus will be in the 8th house which may create some disturbance in family, there may be a dispute over a property. Therefore I believe that you should always stay along with your family. If by making small sacrifices we could solve the property disputes then there is nothing better than as due to disputes you may invite diseases like diabetes, heart issues, blood pressure, and lose invaluable time of your life in the pursuit of property. Then sacrifice is any day better After the first quarter, from March to June, life will come on track, you will get the support of the whole family. You will get happiness due to progeny and due to children, and you will feel like Yes my children are performing better. As their life progresses, you will have tears of joy in your eyes After June 29, you will perform some activity for the family’s progress, due to which your honor, prestige and social will increase in the family. You will get fame from social activities. From the point of view of children, if you feel that your child wishes to go out for studies, how will you be able to bear the expenses of studies? Don’t worry about it, everything will be taken care of. In the beginning of the year your child will not perform well but after 30 March, you will get better results. Newly married people are going to get a progeny and you have to keep in mind that for the happiness of progeny and happiness from child, one should perform the Santan Gopal Sadhana. Due to a good position in career, a house or due to receiving wealth and getting opportunity to increase amenities, your family will be very happy because of you Let’s talk about health This year will be the best in terms of health, this year you will feel energetic. Along with this, you will be satisfied mentally. Your practicing of yogasana, pranayama, meditation, contemplation actions, meditation actions are going to strengthen you mentally and physically. After the end of Saturn’s sejourn, you will feel like – I will make a resolution that in 2020 those who are overweight will try and lose weight, others will fix their heart, blood pressure, diabetes and other issues. So physically and mentally you have every chance of becoming healthy. This year, your work abilities will increase continuously, that is, your energy level, enthusiasm, passion and skill will get better The young could have intestinal pain and abdominal discomfort may occur in the middle of the year so avoid junk food But overall you should understand that in 2020 your overall health will be good. People who have problems with bones will see an increase; those who have operations which are due will have to go through it. Therefore, you must work to increase your disease-resistant ability, which is the resistance power of body. Drinking milk daily, eating fruits, taking healthy diet, practicing yoga, pranayama, walking, jogging, adopting a sport will be very auspicious for you. Now let’s talk about our beloved students of education who are the future of their families, themselves and the country. This year is going to be great for them Whether it is general exam or competitive exam, there will be success and new employment opportunities will also be opened for you. Professional education means those who are studying management, are doing business management, hotel management, tours and travels For such students who had taken a break from the course or their studies stuck will now get success. From 30 March to June is a highly favorable time for students. Chances are very much possible if there is interest in changing schools colleges, tutors, tuition, city, state, country Just set your goal at four-five places in your house so you could see it easily Just set your goal at four-five places in your house so you could see it . Wherever you go, near the TV Set, near your place of worship, put it on a small table. If you have a study table, set the target there. You will be able to achieve when you keep moving around and see the target. From May, Saturn will be retrograde, those who are working professional will definitely get some trouble and students could neglect their studies, maybe you could have love issues, fall in bad company, alcohol, cigarette wrong friends or get caught in the affair –these could hurt you. So you should be careful with all these things and try to achieve the degree for which you are studying See to it that there are no disturbances in achieving your goal. The sign aspect of Rahu on the 6th house will affect you and can disturb you. Whether it is general studies or preparing for competitive exam, that’s why you should treat every study time as special and do your studies by with proper discipline. You will enjoy it Proceed to the next point. I keep traveling, people ask me how do you manage so many trips, how do you manage all this, it is very easy for me But it is going to be very easy for the Virgo natives to travel in 2020. Saturn’s sign aspect on 7th house will initiate family as well as business tours and personal tours in which there will be business with pleasure. There will be a favorable transfer for those who are working, there is going to be a lot of work. People living away from their home can travel to their birth place and due to their home sickness, you could also come home. But you will get to travel at least three times this year. It depends on you, weather you go to Europe, to England, go to some other country, roam in India, destination will depend on you, but you will get the full benefit of the trips. In the middle of the year, from about 30 March to 7 July you will enjoy the chance of traveling abroad or traveling long distance, so enjoy but due to Rahu’s effect, the vehicle could get damaged, loss of luggage, money, passport that is there is a possibility of loss of some kind, so you should try to take care of your safety and the safety of your loved ones. Now let’s talk about our love life if love is in life then and no matter how many problems are there, it will go away easily and if there is suffering and no love, then it becomes very difficult to live life. But the coming year is going to mix new colors in the life of the youth. But here, due to Jupiter and Ketu there is a formation of Chandal Dosh those who are married could have extra marital affair You will have to bear the pain of it therefore, if you stay away from such things, it will be better. Finally it is your own choice. Those who were in search of a life partner since years, if you wanted a love marriage, then the search for such natives is now over and certainly Venus will get you married. You will meet a completely new person, those who are divorced, are widowed or have some other kind of trouble; they will get a life partner to complete their journey of life. But the people who were already in a relationship and whose relationships had faded or broken in 2019, the chances of joining back are very high. So, you control your tongue and keep a smile on your face and feel sorry, surely your relationship will come back and you will be able to move forward. You should keep in mind that between 13 April and 17 July, pay attention to your relationship as there may be some disturbance in it But later that relationship will be back in order but the love-life will be very good provided that you do not cheat. Now let’s go ahead and talk about worship and remedies. See, Rahu is in your place of karma See, Rahu is in your place of karma, which makes you religiously dissatisfied many times our youngster children do not recite it is the same idol, and say why we should worship the same mantra of God every day The mantra that we chant will create a energy, a power and with that power you will be able to run your life if any small kirtan, bhajan or meditation is done in the house, spiritual support is taken, then happiness and peace in the family increases. It will be very important to take blessings of the elders. Under this, if you install a Sphatik Shri Yantra in your Puja temple of your home and light a lamp of ghee daily and recite Sri Sukta, then see the miracle. It will be very auspicious to recite Shri Ganesh Atharvashirsha on every Wednesday and to offer paan in Ganeshji temple on Wednesday. This year, you should not entrust your work to anyone else. Rather, you should try to do your work with more perfection. Because you can get cheated in the process of reducing work load, therefore you should control your voice and for this you should do perform the Bagalamukhi meditation. If possible, you should wear the Mother Baglamukhi and Amog Mahamrityunjaya pendent around your neck. You could order the 13 Wednesday remedy and Hanumanji remedy by calling our Jodhpur office The more you donate green things, the fodder to cows, the more cow you serve, the more you will benefit. By taking all these measures, you can make your 2020 very spectacular. If you want to meet me personally or talk to me through telephonic appointment, video conferencing appointment where we could look at each other and solve your problem for this you can contact our Jodhpur office and get the information. You can take advantage of our many services by visiting our website, Grahon Ka Khel.co.in. I pray to God that you all have a great 2020 and those who believe in the English calendar, Happy New Year to all of you I hope you have been busy and happy life Namaskar and Blessings

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